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Thursday, April 15, 2004
  Lack of posts yesterday, explained + Movie Review: Hellboy

I had several things I wanted to post yesterday, but things got off to a slow start, and as far as blogging is concerned, went down hill. It started Tuesday night at the Democratic Townhall in Exile get together at Manuel's Tavern, a local political institution. Tuesday night, one of the regulars threw an impromptu congratulations party for a local newspaper man (formerly at the AJC) who has landed the position of 'Atlanta Station Chief' or some such title, for the Wall Street Journal. Several of the CNN in reporters who were in town and members of the AJC editorial staff, as well as the Usual Suspects, which includes a lot writers anyway, were there. Also, as usual, interesting new people were in attendance. Well, my son showed up to give me a ride home, and save me the MARTA/taxi journey that I've been doing since the Wife has gone back to work. Usually our schedules are such that one car is plenty (I was telecommuting from home in my previous gig), but for a few months, I make do w/ public transportation, such that it is, and taxi's, which in this town, means recently arrived immigrants who don't know the area nor speak much English. Hard workers, but, geez...

Well, we were walking out to go to the car, when I saw a friend from the master's program at Tech in the room we were passing by. Well, I hadn't seen him since before graduation in May (I didn't bother to attend), and so we wound up having another beer, and staying and talking for at least an hour. So, we didn't get home till late; I got up late, and then I had to send my resume to someone I know in hopes of getting a job over in Fulton County. Then the Wife got up. I mentioned she works nights? And she wound up kicking me off the computer so she could finish filing our taxes. Bad news. I mean, I can't believe that w/ all the 1099 money we sent in, and all of the deductions we had, we still came out under water. Sucks.

On the positive, an old friend (an animator, if anyone needs one) invited me to the movies. He said he wanted to see Hellboy> (for those interested in the history of the comic, try this: Hellboy). I hadn't heard of it, but I'm real glad we went; I thought it was fantastic!

[One long aside: Now, oddly, throughout the movie, I thought I was having a case of deja vu, and that maybe I had read the comic book back in my youth. But, upon looking at Hellboy's history, I don't think I could have been familiar with it. Maybe there was some hero back in the late sixties or early seventies that had shorn off horns and a tale, but this Hellboy was created much later. And, I could swear I had read about the girlfriend in the mental institution before. Everything about the movie clicked somewhere, and I just don't know how. And, I was telling my friend that it was accurate to my memories of the comic. A case of false memory? I thought that only happened after the psychiatrists implanted them. Oh well, don't I feel the fool.] We now return you to your regularly sponsored program.

Regardless, this movie captured the whole spirit and style of genre of comic books I grew up on. Super evil villains, twisted, tormented hero's, fantastic special effects, the occult, multiple universes, etc., in fact, the best comic book to movie adaptation that I've ever seen. It really captures everything I used to love in comics. Ron Perlman is excellent in the role, and the script doesn't try to make it more than what it should be. This almost singlehandedly succeeds in doing for the comic book genre, what LOTR did for Tolkien. If you liked comics growing up, especially the "Weird Hero's" and occult type stuff, go see this one. And if you're not already a fan of the genre, try it and this might convert you.

Well, errands to run. We've run out of some of the essentials mid-week. Not a normal occurrence...When I get back, I need to continue on with the job hunt, but I still want to comment on the Baby Bush babblings of Tuesday night. Oh, and I wonder if I just started to refer to him as LBJ (Lying Bush Junior), if others would pick up on it. His administration reminds me strongly of LBJ's. 
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