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Saturday, May 01, 2004
  A diary entry, or how to make a short story really, really long

Well, The Wife [ : ) ] is sleeping. After three weeks of working overtime daily, she's decided she deserves a rest. And I whole heartedly agree. So, I have some time to post afterall, and I thought today's events might interest some. Besides, the news is pretty dismal, and most blogs have covered it. Hopefully, you'll like the change in topics.

Woke up late this morning, so I didn't get to do my usual Saturday errands. On a normal Saturday I gather and sort all the recycles, and take them to the Dekalb Farmers Market. They get all our office paper, phonebooks, cans, office paper, junk mail, corrugated cardboard (no pressed cardboard) and our number 1 and number 2 recyclable plastics (mostly milk jugs and plastic coke bottles). I have friends who say they don't recycle 'cause the county doesn't provide the service. I figure, I'm going to the Farmers' Market anyway, cause they have an excellent selection of fresh foods, and a whole lot of ethnic fare. Plus, they carry a good selection of organics, and I just plain don't like the idea of hormones and genetically modified foods. Yeah, Yeah, I know. They say there safe, but they said that about lead in gas, asbestos, and 40 rads/per x-ray. So, I don't really give their claims of safety much credibility. If I have to ingest poisons, I think I'd at least like them to be naturally occurring so my body might have a chance in the fight. I'll have to make the run tomorrow.

Oh, I do the regular canned goods, toothpaste and stuff mostly at Publix, because Publix is where I take my plastic bags and 'egg carton' type styrofoam recyclings. Besides, as many of you know, The Wife and I have been on the quest for Free Range Chicken, and Pasture Raised Beef, and other 'organic' meat products, and it turns out that Publix carries those products and even pork! So, we've decided to pay the premium to feel a little better about how our food is treated while its alive. We have no desire to become vegetarians, that's sort of saying only mobile food stocks deserve protecting, and besides, as I've stated previously, something has to die for me to live. That's just the way of our existence.

So, I now that I've told you what I didn't do today, I'll finally get around to today's events. First thing was I checked our emails, and found a couple from a really great guy who lives in Australia, by the name of Brian Taylor. I'm going to go ahead and use his real name, 'cause I figure there's more than one or two Brian Taylors living on the continent of Australia. If he is the only one, well, damn, I apologize Brian. Anyway, he sent me a couple of just great audio files that he had taken from old LPs and put to digital. One is "Heart Full of Soul" by the Yardbirds and recorded to CD from a 1966, and the other is Jazz Guitarists - Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel and Herb Ellis from a track recorded from a mid 80s
LP titled "Great Guitars at the Winery". Absolutely awesome stuff. Both recordings are just crisp and clear, and I'll confess I'm looking to find a copy of "Great Guitars at the Winery", and as it turns out, they made a few others, and I think I'll try to collect them all. So, that's a great start to the morning in my opinion. In fact, I think I'll listen to some now.

So, I wound up dealing with the dogs and be largely unproductive until I woke The Wife up at 11am. We were actually able to get out of the house and on the road on time. I should probably mark the date on the calendar in red.

Well, we made great time to Macon 'cause she fell asleep, and I was able to manage 80-90mph most of the way there, except for one slow down. And that was the result of rubber neckers. Geez, they're just hoping to see carnage, and I'm trying to get where I'm going. Bastards. Well, it was raining almost the whole way, but it wasn't to heavy. And when we got there, the rain had stopped. And it turned out to be a great day for an outdoor wedding. The service was in a cute little fenced in garden area, with an 'Efficient' conducting the service. I have absolutely no idea what an 'Efficient' is, but the service was christian.

After the service, they had food set up in a little bohica type thing, next to a cute little pond.

Oh, quicknote on the wild life and other features. The minnows were actually leaping out of the water to feed. I'd never seen minnows do that. Also, we spotted about 8 or 9 turtles in the water. There were lots of birds, and I even found an whole egg next to some shells below a tree. About an inch long or so, and I figured the sibling kicked the competition out of the nest. Ah, nature is a tough master. And The Wife saw her first red-tailed squirrel. We only have greys up here. The were some other points of interest: next to the pond was a huge plague (like serious sized gravestone) dedicated to workers who died from injuries and diseases resulting from the work place dedicated by the AFL-CIO. Then, also close to the pond, was a fairly large bell. No explanation, but it was cracked on one side, and the other was embossed with USN. It had a wonderful tone (I reached underneath and grabbed the clacker and hit it against the side lightly, and it resonated for a pretty good spell). There was also an old coal fed steam locomotive in one corner of the park. It was the 509, and dedicated to the fireman who'd made the last run. I think it was in the 80s, but wish I'd have tried to remember the tidbit.

So the food was good, the bride looked wonderful, and we weren't invited to the beer party later. Turns out, the park was an alcohol free zone, and the kids planned to party later. Our son informed us we had intentionally been omitted from that invitation list because the kids didn't want to compete with professionals.

Anyway, moving on, the ride back to Atlanta was pretty uneventful, but there was more traffic from all the snowbirds heading North. Florida must lose 25% of its population this at time every year. The Wife slept again, so I was able to maintain 80-85mph most of the way. And, there was one more rubber necker slow down. Bastards.

Got home, and I took off for the Saturday beer run, which I usually combine with my Saturday errands. Got to the Toco Giant, which is oddly enough enough, located in the Toco Hills Shopping Center on N. Druid Hills Rd. More oddly, is the neighborhood it's located in. Back in about '97, one of the intersections (Clairemont Rd and N. Druid Hills Road) was rated as the center of the highest population of advanced degrees in the country. Which sort of makes sense as it is close to Emory University, Emory Hospital, the DeKalb Medical Center, the VA hospital, and the largest populaton of Orthidox jews in Atlanta (which I figure must mean the largest population of Orthidox jews in the South). again, this is interesting, because they live in a neighborhood with street names like 'Holly", Merry, Christmas. Go figure. Than add in the fact that somebody named a major road 'Druid'. And the big Jewish country club is called "Druid Hills Country Club. Well, maybe it wasn't originally jewish, and I'm not gooing to take the time to do the research right now.

So, what does any of this have to do with a beer run, you are impatienly asking? Well, when I pulled in, there was a huge used book tent sale getting ready to start, and people were camped out!!! The buddy at the Giant said they had started getting there at 11:30, and set up lawn chairs and sat through the rains for a use book sale that costs $10 dollars to get into! Now that's a cool neighborhood. In most places they do this for concert tickets, here they do it for a used book sale.

Well, The Wife is up, and we're heading out for cheese dip at the local mex place, Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant. They don't know us there ; )

Big night out.

As usual, reserve the right to come back and correct any and everything. 
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