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Sunday, May 23, 2004
  What can I say? A couple of different utopian sites.

Don't always want rant on and on about the evils of the world and US Foreign and Domestic Policies, so here are a couple of different items. Both of these seem, for very different reasons, to see a move toward utopian existance. I found this one, because someone had mentioned they had been in a course taught by Mark Woodhouse at GSU, and that he taught a course on conspiracy theories. So I looked him up, and found out he had this to say if you click on the linkat the lower right, NEW DAWN RISING:
"This briefing is intended as an overview. It neither examines the issues to which it gives rise nor attempts to weigh evidence in support of various claims. Since it assumes that publicly acknowledged contact is not far off (or has just occurred), evidence that extraterrestrials exist is outside its scope. Furthermore, the Star Visitors themselves will be in a better position to address in detail the many controversial and conceptually challenging claims contained herein. My sources for this overview (including myself) are numerous, varied, and fallible. Some of my claims may ultimately prove incorrect. No person credibly can lay claim to exclusive truth or to knowledge of the whole picture in this difficult arena. The 'matter of fact' style I have adopted for purposes of this briefing should be interpreted accordingly. Many of the ideas contained herein have been discussed both sympathetically and critically by other researchers. A few are relatively unique to me. However, since whatever truth this overview contains will be cashed in shortly after formal contact, I do not attempt to justify different sources of information. I have sought merely to prepare a document for the average reader that touches many bases and hopefully integrates an otherwise vast amount of information into a framework for useful discussion. A very select bibliography, touching on quite divergent aspects of this contact, is appended for those wishing to read further. I strongly recommend visiting Dr. Richard Boylan's website at www.jps.net/drboylan for authoritative information on many aspects of contact. Those interested in a comprehensive briefing prepared for members of Congress mostly around the question of evidence for current extraterrestrial visitations should consult Dr. Steven Greer's website www.disclosureproject.org. I also recommend the extensive documentaries on contact as presented by the History Channel as well as reports of the Paradigm Research Group and X-PPAC whose founder, Stephen Bassett, can be contacted at Disclosure2003@aol.com."
So, don't worry, trust the 'spaceys'. But, I must admit that I saw a UFO, which was labelled as a UFO by the by the militaries on both sides of the Berlin Wall and reported in both the Stars and Stripes and German papers, if I remember correctly, but in one for sure. So...And I kind of appreciate the disclaimer. Interesting touch.

On to the next site. I don't know how I originally stumbled on to this one, might be I thought anything with the title "Alchemy Journal" would have to be interesting, or who knows...Check out this article on another extra-terrestrial sponsored utopian transformation:Alchemy Journal Vol.5 No.1, Venus Transit of June 8, 2004 - A Breakthrough of Intuitive Awareness by Carl-Johan Calleman and Anders Bjarstedt:
"The Venus Transit of June 8, 2004 is clearly the astronomical event of the year. But it may be much, much more than that. The Venus Transit has always preceded great breakthroughs in human consciousness and played a very significant role in the Mayan Calendar. It is also a turning point in the Vedic tradition. According to the Indian avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan, the Venus Transit of 2004 will be the actual starting point of the Golden Age, a process that will come to an conclusion at the next Venus Transit in 2012. This article presents the significance of the Venus transit on June 8, 2004 in its larger context and in relation to the Mayan Calendar.

To begin with, a Venus transit is an astronomical event where the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the sun ­ a sort of eclipse. Venus transits lasts for 6-7 hours and come in pairs separated by exactly 8 earth years minus two days. As far as human measures go such pairs of transits occur only rarely. Below is a list of the years of the most recent occurrences, where the second transit in the pair is given within parentheses:

1518 (1526)
1631 (1639)
1761 (1769)
1874 (1882)
2004 (2012)

Since there is no person alive today who was born in 1882 or earlier the Venus transit in 2004 will be everyone’s first such experience. What may we then expect from this occurrence? To find out it is certainly worth studying what happened in the world earlier in the first of these pairs of transits. We may then note that 1518 was when the first circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan/del Cano was launched (they set sail in 1519). The impact on the minds of people of this accomplishment was enormous. Through their journey these captains had shown in practice that the world was not flat, but spherical. In the following years a new world view emerged in which it was clear that humans inhabited a globe. The time of speculation was over and this may be said to have been the first step in the development of a Global Brain."
So, it's extra-terrestrial, just not living, I guess. Heck I don't know. I do think there is a trend toward increasing synchronicity though, and I see it in a lot of the cultural shifts in time, including fashions, fads, cults, and every day interactions. So...

I sort'a prefer my conspiracies to possess villian. It just doesn't seem any fun to rant on about things getting better through forces beyound your control. Oh, wow, something good is going to happen to me. Yeah, yeah, come on. Whatever could I find to occupy myself in a utopia? I don't have a clue. And if some sort of major transformation is going to happen, well hell, I guess I might as well enjoy the ride.

Anyway, I used to go to this great site that just listed conspiracy sites by type. You know, Masonic/Illuminati, Bilderbergers, UFOs, Republican, the Federal Reserve, etc. etc. It was a lot of fun, but I've misplaced the link.

I don't think the two sites above actually fullfil the definition of 'conspiracy', which requires two or more persons to secretly plot to commit an illegal act. Besides, how could we ever establish jurisdiction over the 'transgressors'?

But if you are not familiar with this type of literature, have fun looking at it and let me know if you get anything out of it. 
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