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Thursday, June 10, 2004
  When marketing goes wrong.

Mr. Ian Bell
Chief Executive
"Strategic Business Analysts Ltd" or is it "recruitusa@executivesituations.com" [I'm not certain]

Dear Ian,

Thank you of contacting me with what appears to be a wonderful opportunity. Your kind letter however, did leave me with some questions:
Dear xxxx [suggestion, if you are not personally reading my resume, I'd use Mr 'Surname', since I emphazise the use of a 'nickname']

We wish to expand our activities in the USA and have received your CV [NOTE: I have a resume not an actual CV. Minor point, but...] via an Internet job site matching service. We were impressed by your CV and request you to complete a preliminary “Assessment Test” [Referred to as the SBA Associate Database Form at the actual link] in the application of our recruitment web site www.strategicbusinessonline.com. [NOTE: This looks an awful lot like one of those tests, "do you have the personality to run your own business" tests, so often used at the beginning of a Multi-level Marketing recruitment meeting]

Upon review it is our intention to invite you to a four hour meeting [No interview?] with other candidates at one of the venues listed below. The purpose of the meeting is to enable us to provide comprehensive information about our business and for you to evaluate your experience and capabilities against the opportunities available.

The meeting will also give both parties the opportunity for assessment and where appropriate, a further “one to one” meeting will be arranged.

We request you study our UK operational web site www.strategicbusinessonline.co.uk to familiarise yourself with our organisation and its “modus operandi”.
So, Ian, I did. But, I was sadly still left w/ questions.

Why can I not access the "Investor" link? Are you excluding potential associates from investing? Also, Why does Page 2 of your "Copyright Notice and Disclaimer" contain this information?

Cost Reduction Analysis
(No Saving - No Fee)
'A Confidential Service with nothing to lose but your costs'
Mergers and Acquisitons
(Payment on Results)
'How much is your Company worth'
Retained Support Programme
(Low Cost Help on Tap)
'Targeted Expertise when it's needed'
Business Skills Training
(Low Cost Accredited Modules)
'Focused Training Delivering Tangible results'
Two Day MBA
(Tool Up for Business)
'Demise is often an Unnecessary Surprise'
Bank Interest Auditing
(Free Advisory Service)

'Does your bank owe you Money?'
Executive Situations
(No Result - No Fee)

'The right staff at the right time'
What does it mean, that this is in the disclaimer? I'm just not sure how it fits in.

Then there's the "SBA: Search For Expertise" page, I kind of understand why there is no contact in formation, sort of, but it seems to cause problems for the entire 'networking' concept. I mean, when I searched for information about "Strategic Business Analysts Ltd" on Google, I didn't find a single link to one of your associates. Are they restrained from using your name in marketing themselves? That seems sort of self-defeating for a networking organization? Oh, and the Google search did not get me to your site. That is something I would definitely put my marketing people on, right away.

And on your Frequently Asked Questions page, I would have thought that you would have answered the obvious question of 'what are my expected costs in joining your association'?

Lastly, I think it might be a good marketing ploy to actually put a few comments on the site from 'happy customers', 'happy employees', and maybe even some links to media sites mentioning your business.

I have a lot more to offer in helping you in improving your internet recruiting interface, as well as your initial contact letter, and the overall presentation. I am available on a consulting basis of $200 or 108.79 Pounds Sterling/hr.

Really, I think if you are trying to recruit in the US, you should hire a marketing consultant, like myself, to help you get past the cultural cynanism prevalent amoung American workers today.

Consider this a 'no win - no fee service'. No invoice will follow if you do not see an increase in revenues by correcting the 'errors' I point out, following the suggestions contained herein.



PS: Here 
Good afternoon from a British chap who found your article on Strategic Business Online very, very enlightening.

I too did a Google and Teoma search for this place after receiving the same e-mail you did. Being on this side of the pond seeing "CV" didn't really register until I saw your message, and how it should have had "resume".

I filled in the application form and pinged it off, and received an invite to attend the four hour meeting at a place about 40 miles away.

Having read your comments and points of interest I will kindly turn down the invite. The thing about this is it doesn't seem to offer that much anyway. I can find better opportunties by using other search engines or recruitment sites.

Most helpful, for my first visit.

Thanks very much for both comments. I nearly fell for the flattering bit about my CV.

However, unasked for goodies coming through the email are just like people selling snake oil door to door - time wasting, probably expensive and unlikely to do much good.

Thanks very much

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