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Thursday, July 01, 2004
  Ah, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice...trying to get around the net

I started at The Disney Blog: Pan Graphic Novel after I linked to John Frost's link in the comments below, and found him to be a super-Disney fan.

Well, the first link on his site, which I went to last, leads to, okay, not directly leads to, Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis - a webcomic for discerning tastes., which turned out to be a hoot.

John's link leads to what I'll admit is a fun Mickey Mouse parody logo at Excelsiorstudios.net. Which in some ways reminds me of a poster from 35 - 40 years ago; blacklight poster, if memory serves. "Ain't gonna work on dizzy's farm no more"...Sorry, I give up looking for it. I'm tired of re-living my youth thru posters.

While looking for the specific, I did find some neat back alleys: Psychotron psychedelic posters, original 60's,70's and modern reproductions of psychedelic posters and art work

I always wanted the top one when I was a kid, Blacklight.

Ah, an educational site, Psychedelic '60s: Home Page.

Between my brother and I, we owned a fair amount of these, Blacklight Posters Posters.

Cooler than Haight Ashbury is now, S.F.Heart Hippie Links

Okay, this is far enough down this path, weedworld Readers Gallery (maybe it'll eventually download, I don't know).

That is by the way, something I noticed that a lot of these sites (mostly the ones that never opened, and I didn't bother to link) had in common - poor speed. I guess hippies don't pay for bandwidth. 
I have an original Ain't gonna work on Dizzy's farm no more blacklight poster. It has mickey, donald and goofy smoking out of a hooka bong and has been in a frame for over three decades
if you or anyone you know are interested
I have the same Disney characters poster. It was manufactured by Gawdawful, around 1972. I have been trying to find out how much it is worth. I contacted Disney Corporation. They were eager to have me send it to them so they could DESTROY it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Gayle
I have the same Disney characters poster. It was manufactured by Gawdawful, around 1972. I have been trying to find out how much it is worth. I contacted Disney Corporation. They were eager to have me send it to them so they could DESTROY it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Gayle
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