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Monday, July 26, 2004
  The Bloggers at the Convention - Largely, and sadly, a pretty tame and safe looking bunch

Well, I'm hugely disappointed. I know I should not have expected Poochie to be invited, but after the mainstream media made this big deal about 'covering' the blogs this week, I did sort of hope that they meant it. I like and read several of these blogs, but these aren't the blogs that will start any controversy. There's no budding Hunter S. Thompson in this group who's going to sneak past the security and catch Edwards doing a hotel maid, or get the photo of Hillary pukin' her guts out after killing a couple of bottles of Dickel as she realizes there's probably no chance for her to run in '08.

And they sure don't have anyone that I would say is truly on the right. Hell, this looks more like it's going to be a 'love in'.

I'm not saying these guys are milk toast, but...

Here is a list of bloggers ( who are attending the Dem Convention this weekWSJ.com - Meet the Bloggers:

Jerome Armstrong, MyDD.com. Former Dean supporter with strong handle on local races.

Patrick Belton, OxBlog. Centrist policy analysis from three Oxford students.

Tom Burka, Opinions You Should Have. Political satire, similar in style to The Onion.

Natasha Celine, Pacific Views. Blog with a liberal political op-ed page, a blog review and discussion of West Coast politics.

Taegan Goddard, Political Wire. Rounds up and analyzes political process stories.

Mathew Gross, MathewGross.com. Political commentary from the former director of Internet communications for the Dean campaign.

Rick Heller, Centrist Coalition's Centerfield. A Web log of centrist voices in American politics.

Aldon Hynes, Greater Democracy. Former hedge-fund IT manager plans to focus on participatory nature of convention.

Kirk W. Johnson, American Amnesia. A documentary filmmaker and translator focusing on U.S. policies in the Middle East, among other topics.

Gordon Joseloff and Jessica Bram, WestportNow.com. A local Web news site for Westport, Conn. not affiliated with a media company covering delegates and guests from Westport and other parts of Connecticut.

Ezra Klein and Jesse Taylor, Pandagon.net. Young partisan activists planning to cover controversial, funny, interesting events at the convention.

Byron LaMasters, Burnt Orange Report. A group political blog by Democratic students at the University of Texas.

Allen Larson, LarsonReport.com. A Bush supporter seeks grand political ideas, from both parties.

Paul McCullum, William Oemler, Allison Grady, Dinner for America. Nonpartisan, youth-oriented, covering topics ranging from foreign affairs to hip hop.

Jeralyn Merritt, TalkLeft. Liberal commentary on crime and justice from a Denver lawyer.

Alan Nelson, The Command Post. News site aims to cut the spin.

Christopher Rabb, Afro-Netizen. Entrepreneur who aims to inform, inspire and engage afro-netizens and the communities they touch.

Brian Reich, CampaignWebReview. A blog examining the use of the Internet in politics.

Jay Rosen, PressThink. Erudite commentary on journalism from chairman of NYU's journalism program.

Joe Rospars, NotGeniuses.com and BlogforAmerica.com. Ex-Dean campaign worker writes for official Dean blog and a more general blog -- which will cover the other bloggers, among its topics.

Peter Rukavina, Reinvented.net. Comment, opinion and news about local and national issues, technology, and everyday life from a Canadian.

Bill Scher, LiberalOasis. News analysis, strategic advice, and copious links for liberals.

David Weinberger, Boston.com. Often short, often humorous posts with focus on technology, from Harvard fellow, posting on Boston Globe's Web site.

Matt Welch, HitandRun. Veteran L.A. journalist writing for libertarian Reason magazine's wide-ranging blog.

Jessamyn West, Librarian.net. A "web log by a librarian for rarin' librarians, info junkies, freedom lovers and other weirdos"

Stephen Yellin, DailyKos and OurCampaigns. Bright-eyed, precocious campaign analysis from New Jersey high-school student.


Michael Andrew, JREGrassroots.org

John Burns, Stinging Nettle

Christian Crumlish, The Power of Many, Edgewise, Greater Democracy and Radio Free Blogistan

Michael Feldman, Dowbrigade News

Dave Johnson, Seeing the Forest

Nathan Paxton, Nate Knows Nada

Dave Pell, electablog

Matt Stoller, Blogging of the President and bostonDparty

Alison Teal, Hot Flashes From the Campaign Trail

Dave Winer, Scripting News

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, DailyKos
At theWSJ site there are working hot links to the blogs.

Hell, the real stuff probably won't happen on the convention floors anyway. The best stuff will happen either on the street, the hotel bars, or guarded suites.

I should have gone up. I know how to the skinny. Sneak into the hotel/convention employee break rooms. That's where the dirt will be. Talk to the maids and room service. Even the valet attendents will have better info than you can get on the convention floor.

About the only fun thing I can figure to do, is hope at least Jesse accomplishes his goal.
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