Radically Inept
Sunday, July 25, 2004
  Final Post - And Why I Will Vote For Baby Bush

I think this will be the final post to this blog. As I've been blogging the past few months, I've come to realize, that by and large, it's a self reinforcing circle. The people that read blogs, well, it's largely limited to those that have the education to read, and the where with all to have a computer. It's really a very small percentage of the population. And people generally only read what they already agree with.

Anyway, I've had an epiphany. I was walking around my neighborhood for hours yesterday. Mostly, what I saw was broken cigarette lighters (the cheap Scripto kind), the plastic tips to cheap cigars, McDonald's debris, beer cans, plastic bottles, cheap new homes - where they had cut down every piece of vegetation on the lot - and 'It' dawned on me, I really don't like humanity.

I could have been walked through nice neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where the people care enough about appearances to dump massive poisons in their yards to control weeds, kill insects, manicure their yards to look like nothing in nature. And the appearances would have been prettier, but equally, if not more, destructive than my garbage strewn neighborhood.

So it dawned on me. I really don't like mankind. Oh, I like most individuals I meet, but mankind in general? Well, I don't think I'd cross the street to save it. In fact, I think I'll vote for George Bush' re-election. I think he and his policies will bring about the destruction of mankind faster than anything short of an errant asteroid or the sudden implosion of our sun. I think George Walker Bush, and his policies, may be the best bet to end humanity before we spread beyound this planet.

His desire to restart nuclear weapons production, and his presumed willingness to use them, coupled with his desire to clear cut everything and increase pollution to levels not seen in our brief history on this planet, may be my best hope of ensuring the total the destruction of, if not all life on this planet, at least mankind. And, I realized this is probably a very laudable goal.

Oh sure, a few elites might survive living in domed enclaves or underground complexes, but there probably would not be enough of them to re-populate the planet to any real degree. Hell, there won't be enough habital planet left to populate, so, eventually, I think man will die off. And I've decided this is a good thing. Their is no nobility in man.

I used to buy into concepts like man is intelligent and good, but that was self deception. Walking around last night, well, it finally came home to me - there really isn't anything here worth the effort of saving. All life on this planet is in a constant battle for survival. And its purpose in surviving? To reproduce more life that is locked into the battle of survival. The only merit to this that I can see, is experiential - the experience of living, reproducing, and dying, with possible fleeting moments of joy, pleasure, fear and pain. Again, to what purpose? To reproduce more of the same.

"Well, don't you think that John Kerry can also end life on this planet?"

"No, I think he's too wishy-washy, and humanity would survive his presidency, ensuring continued suffering, and worse, more people."

No, I think George W. Bush and his policies, are our best bet to put an end to this vicious cycle of life. So, I will be voting for George W. Bush, destroyer of humanity, for President of the United States of America. Vote George W. Bush in November, and help me realize my dream of ending life on this planet.

Now I realize he is limited in his powers of what he can actually achieve, but I think it's possible that at a minimum, he can successfully start a bio-chemical-nuclear holocaust, though probably not end existence.

"Existence", you may ask?

"Yes, existence", I reply.

See, even though I am an atheist, I fear that death is not final. My fear is that there actually is an experiential existence after death - that there really isn't any way to escape existing.

"Why would you want to end existence?", you ask.

"Why would I want to continue it?", avoiding directly answering your question and putting the onus of explanation back you on, dear reader. "The question isn't "why end existence(?)", but rather, "why exist(?)"."

But really, that line of thought belongs in its own post, not here. Here, we are only seeking the destruction of mankind before it escapes this planet and spreads its idiocy across the solar system and beyound. I mean, I couldn't live with myself, knowing that I had somehow contributed to allowing a species that has given us Rush Limp-Bowel, Sean Inanity and Ann Cunt-al (they are by no means the best examples, merely currently popular) to infect the rest of the universe. No, really. It needs to stop here.

So, this fall, don't be selfish and just think in terms of global human interests, think universally. And for the sake of the rest of the Universe, VOTE GEORGE W. BUSH, THE ONLY TRUE ANTI-MANKIND CANDIDATE!!

Eh. What's the point of not blogging? I don't want to change anybody's mind. And if all of humanity should be destroyed, then by extension poor people without education and computers should be destroyed twice.

Besides, who knows what damage you could do by blogging. You might expedite the end of existence.


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