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Saturday, July 17, 2004
  Hmmm, things aren't looking real pretty for the fundamentalists

Maybe the 'Intelligent Design Theology' (sorry, doesn't qualify as a scientific theory) will come to the Fundamentalist's rescue

Via The Corpus Callosum come thisTheStar.com - Mars probe detects hint of life:
"Data from a spectrometer aboard the European Space Agency's Mars Express probe appears to have recorded radiation indicating pungent ammonia gas in Mars' atmosphere, BBC News Online reports.
Since ammonia can survive for only a few hours in the Martian atmosphere before breaking down, it must be constantly replenished from one of two possible sources: active volcanoes - of which none have been found on Mars - or microbes.
'Ammonia could be the key to finding life on Mars,' a NASA scientist told the BBC. 'There are no known ways for ammonia to be present in the Martian atmosphere that do not involve life.'
Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms. Nitrogen is rare in the Mars environment, and researchers say the presence of ammonia may indicate that Martian microbes may be hoarding it."
I mean I guess god could have intelligently designed microbes for Mars, but sort of seems odd, don't you think? 
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