Radically Inept
Sunday, July 04, 2004
  How I ruined my life

Thought I'd try a different style of writing:

I am not done. No, I'm not ready.


It's Thursday!! I'm going to wear? Oh, I have to get up. The green long sleeve? No. Oh, why can't Dave just put the seat down? That tile is loose, I'll have to tell dad. I could wear the blue jumper...I like, no, maybe that cute pink jumper with robin's egg blue shoes? No...Oh, god. I look like hell. Not today...ahhh...Oh, the N-clean is a little cold...That's better.

You'd think by now, I wouldn't have to be inconvenienced by stupid bot system. Why can't the damn thing just know what it feels like?

Oh, that emerald, loose fit shows off...But, really,I need to show...I wonder where the pickups will be? What side? Should I face...I'll be facing them when I swipe the...I am so lucky! I can't believe...I have to hurry up here a little bit, young lady, get it together. You don't want to do anything Of, course not. My god. To have won the Jeratne Cereal Prize. I'm sooo lucky.

Maybe I should wear something time related.No.someone else will.Time?I don't even get it. Why does anyone care if some old planet gets destroyed anyway? No one's lived on the Earth in years! Who cares about backk then?

Oh god. Now the polishers have the color entirely wrong...Oh, I've got to pick something. The WHOLE Galaxy will be watching.

'Yes, Mooommm. I'll be out in just a sec....'

Oh, hate having to put up with the Shielders, but I guess it's better than people knowing free thoughts...Dad says so

Okay, I know, polishers go emerald, and let's go with the black body suit. I can't be wrong if I'm wearing black...I will...that look in the pictures?Is black going to show up well?Maybe, I should go back.NO.The,Ohhhhgg, fine the black and emerald.

"Hi, Mom."

"Is that what you've decided to wear today??? Sweetheart, really. I think you would"

Like I care what you think? Gawd, Mom, just get off it. It's not like YOU won THE Jeratne Cereal Galactic Earth Time Reset Signing Contest. Everyone in the whole Inner Galaxy cares about what I think. I'm the one who''be interviewed on the James Gattle Show. Ahd, First Guest I might add.

"Mom. This looks just Fine."

"Well, you Know the WHOLE GALAXY will be"

Oh, shit. 13 trillion people...Yeah, but I've been on GCX for days now.Oh, I love it. Someplace different everynight. Peoplewantme...Oh....Yeah, for about a week, then I'll be yesterdays' Galactic news.I shouldn't.Idon'tknow...I wonYeah, but you're only going because you won. you haven't DONE anything...No,that's not true..I swiped for the contest.Yeah, you wave at the sensor, but you haven't done anything.I don't care. I'M GOING to have FUN.

"Yes, Mom", 'what she say'?" "I'll have a portilus..."that doesn't look good, maybe a just a tellus or some Jeratne Mix.No, that stuff sucks.OH!!I DID NOT JUST THINKKK THAT!!!!I LOVE JERATNE MIX!!![I couldn't ahave thought that! Not ALOUD!?] Oh god, what am I doing??!! I must get...quit thinking!JUST QUIT THINKING!!!

"I'm sorry, Mooomm, I didn't mean to think that...It just slipped...Imsosorry.ah"

"I can't believe you thought that!!!"

"Mom, I'm sorRY!!!"I..I..I didn't think that. Oh, god, dadwillbesomad!!!I didn't mean to think that!...Oh, whatdoIdonow???!"I said I'm SORRY,MOM>"

"I can't take the thought back.I can't take the THOUGHT back.."Oh, I should have paid more attention...everyone KNOWS you just can't think just anything when your're not in a privacy zone..I KNOOWWWWW better. Dad's going to hate me..Oh, what am I going to do now...

"No. I don't want to talk to them now!!!"God, MY ROOm!..The best sound in the world is 'a bedroom door closing'. The only place to think. Okay, I guess I don'tknowiguess..."NO, MOM, Leave me ALONE!!!"I won't be on GCX. I guess I don't care...Who cares if the earth gets destroyed. NO big deal..but I want to be there. I want me, to be the final swipe of bio-info to restart the clocks. Every clock, everybodywill be watching..I want to be there...GOD, how could I think that...Everyone knows, your taught, Dad and Mom both taught me...you can't just think anything when you leave the privacy zone.There are eighteen trillion people in the Inner-Galactic Consortium.So the odd os anyone paying attention to your thoughts was just one in eighteen trillion, but it 'also meant,'she could just hear her dad say it,'You Are Guaranteed, that someone, somewhere, out in that crowd of eighteen trillion (he always said 'trillion' like that, when he said it), you can be guaranteed that SOMEONE IS listening in.rememberthat.

"Mom, I don't care who it is!"

What have I done? Well, I'll be news until tomorrow...Someone will want to interview the 'girl who blew the opportunity to be the final swiper to launch a new Galactic Time. Girl who's name WOULD FOREVER have been linked to the GREATEST SINGLE DAY in INNER-Galactic history. Post Earth TIME (PET), based on the new Galactic Sidereal Time starts tonight at...My life is over and I'm only twelve.god.I can play the electrozette circuit for a while. Be like the girl who bought the lotto ticket just behind the guy who bought the BIGGEST winning Inter-Inner-Galactic Lotto of all TIME. She was still selling her story...Oh god. I'll have to...There's got to be better.

"In a minute, Mom."

Hell, guess I'll wear jeans

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