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Thursday, July 22, 2004
  Rick - Bush is not Hitler.

I should first point out that I'm a huge fan of jbc's over at
lies.com. In fact, it was his blog that got me interested in blogging, and is still one the first places I go.

However, here recently, this past Sunday to be specific, he posted this piece: Why You Should Vote for Bush which opens with:
This should more-properly be titled "Why I should vote for Bush," it being my good-faith effort to convince myself that I should do just that.

Why am I doing such a thing? I guess because I want to make sure I'm considering the question as objectively as I can, divorced as much as possible from my preconceptions. Also, I'm interested in how the arguments I would make to myself differ from the arguments that are made to those actually likely to vote for him."
And he concludes with:
So that's it. Those are all the reasons I've been able to think of that seem like good reasons to me to vote for George Bush. I've done my best to present them fairly and honestly. They're not strawmen (though Bush opponents are welcome to knock them down, should they wish to). After considering all those reasons as objectively as I can, am I willing to vote for Bush?

I don't know. Probably not. But I'm going to do my best to keep an open mind going forward. I probably won't make my final decision until election day.
Which for some strange reason, it has grated on me.

In my initial comments to the post, I pointed to these items:
Oh, one more element to the positive, if something were to happen to Baby Bush, then we could have Cheney. I'm sure he's all about sizing the middle east oil, and keeping us at war for profit, and cheap gas to peddle to the SUV drivers.

Oh, and just think how much better local communities will be in four more years of Baby Bush' environmental policies. I hope your kids don't have asthma.

Oh, and under this administration, you won't have to worry about maintaining any personal privacy.

If arrested you won't have to worry about ever paying a lawyer, as you probably will never see one. But that will save court costs, and surely the savings will be spent on something worthwhile like a missile defense shield and nuclear bunker busters.

Americans won't have to worry about using their first amendment rights, since the zones are so far away, no one ever sees them, you can stay home, and save on sign making.

Oh, and we can have more torture and child molestation, which will engender us to pass, er, nothing, I guess.

I’m w/ you! I didn’t ever want to work again anyway, and w/ four more years of Bush, I won’t ever have to worry about finding a job.
And a_stupid_box stated in reply to mine and a couple of other commenters:
"If you're talking about writing a "case for Bush" then I'm not surprised. The ability to play devil's advocate and understand the opposition is the mark of an educated man and a fair critic.
To which I pointed out, that many of the same justifications could have been used by the Germans to rationalize Hitler. To which the a_stupid_box replied:
Rick - Bush is not Hitler. Simple as that. If he were you'd probably be in a camp right now based solely on your last name. People who compare Bush to Hitler are completely ignorant of the attrocities which happened in WWII.
And, since then, I've been worryin' the issue like my dog tries to chew through her knotted rope toys. Persistently.

Well, a couple of things came to me. One is, that for me, personally, it would be like someone tortured and murdered my brother, and then my attempting to to justify the murders actions and continued existence, and my willingness to support him. I can't do it. You say, "But Baby Bush did not murder your brother." "Ah, but how many Iraqis and US soldiers have died due to Baby Bush's idiocy, and I'll argue greed? Negligent homocide at best and I am somehow supposed to forgive him? As I've made clear, I'm no christian. I don't have to forgive evil people. Even if the evil people do not believe their evil, but are in fact the voice of god on our planet. I doubt many jews forgave Torquemada. I don't know which god told this idiot that now would be a good time to start a religious crusade, but I certainly don't have to give him nor the voices in his head the benefit of doubt.

Further, I see no reason to even entertain re-electing this corporatist swine. None. And every reason to want him to stand trial for war crimes.

And as not to being like Hitler, think about the fascist military state that is being set up here in our own country - for our own protection. This piece, from TomDispatch, "Will the President Escape From New York? by Nick Turse points to a great movie similarity:
The tagline for John Carpenter's 1981 cult sci-fi classic Escape From New York went 'New York City is now a maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane.' In that movie set in a then-unimaginable, futuristic '1997' Gotham, criminal Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) was charged with rescuing the President of the United States, whose plane had been downed in the walled-in, armed and angry prison island that Manhattan had become. With his life and freedom riding on saving a man he holds in contempt, Snake eventually fights an epic battle in world famous Madison Square Garden in his bid to save the president.

Today, as in the movie, many New Yorkers are angry at the president, and as in Carpenter's grim vision of the future, at least parts of New York City will be in a state of lockdown for the President's arrival -- with a major showdown due to take place somewhere in the vicinity of Madison Square Garden (MSG). In Carpenter's future, Manhattan was a walled-in fortress island under high-tech government surveillance, guarded by heavily armed security forces, with helicopters perpetually overhead -- a futuristic Alcatraz Island of epic proportions.

In our 2004, the authorities have an eerily similar vision of how the city should be. Madison Square Garden will be walled in by a fence or "other physical barrier" with additional "movable barricades," complete with checkpoints reinforced with heavy weapons. A new "closed-circuit surveillance video system" will be introduced; armed federal agents and police officers will be keeping watch; and plenty of helicopters will be circling overhead. In Carpenter's future, however, the government was in control and New Yorkers were locked down. In our present, the Bush administration and the Republican Party are the ones retreating into a fortified bunker."
A similarity he deftly throws in later in the article:
To contain protesters and "protect" GOP'ers and fellow travelers, New York City is engaging in some of the same sorts of permit games that typified the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Mayor Richard J. Daley's Chicago. For example, Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office has, with a helping hand from the city's parks department, thwarted efforts of the national coalition, United for Peace and Justice, to secure a permit for a march ending in a large-scale demonstration in Central Park. Officials have cited fears that the park's grass, home in the past to large demonstrations and huge concerts, would take a beating. Just recently, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly decreed that the Park would be off-limits, as would Times Square. Instead, UFPJ was told it could utilize the sure-to-be-sweltering, distant West Side Highway. Even in Snake Plissken's Manhattan, Central Park was open!
And after he goes threw the extensive list of security measures to be put in place - Secret Service, the DoD, Homeland Security, etc., and the similarity gets in yet again in his conclusion::
The President, who continually tells us that our world is safer due to him, aims to arrive in an alien "New York City" out of some lock-down sci-fi movie -- a place specially prepared to make him the safest man on Earth. And yet New York isn't a stage set and the best laid plans of frightened and controlling officials do have a way of coming undone, just as they did last February in New York when, having been prohibited from marching, hundreds of thousands of protesters, directed toward police "pens" snarled traffic and literally took over large portions of the city. Who knows in what strange ways life will burst into New York despite official efforts to empty the city and lock down Madison Square Garden? For as the folks at the RNCNotWelcome.org Collective note:
"If we are diffused throughout the city, we will have a much better advantage. After all, the real target is not Madison Square Garden, the stage of the spectacle, but the various events where deals are made - where the lobbyists wine, dine, and bribe Bush & Co. [T]he RNC has promised to stage events and photo ops in every borough of the city, not just in Manhattan. If we are truly everywhere in this very big city, the police cannot be concentrated in one area..."
In John Carpenter's vision of the future New Yorkers had lost their war against an American police state. In our present, it's up to the rest of us to make sure that doesn't happen. Only we can burst Bush's bubble!
Actually, I can play devil's advocate. Really. All I have to do, is approach the issue as if I was going to get a job as a storm trooper, who would be able to have massive power over my fellow citizens. I could then justify voting for Baby Bush. But , I don't have such ambitions. I never wanted to rule anyone else. I kind of liked living in a free republic rather than in some misbegotten dictatorship/empire.

Let me conclude at my most uneducated, ignorant, intolerant worst:
Baby Bush' policies are destroying our economy, our scientific community, our military, our freedoms, our form of government, our environment, our world stature...Our country. If you can honestly consider voting for Baby Bush in November, you are either in line to profit on his policies, you've been decieved by his lies, or you haven't been paying attention and don't care. The first and the last are criminal.

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