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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Okay, just wanted to get this info out. I'm in the midst of a couple of things, which happily include job interviews. Hopefully something will come from one of them, but if necessary, I can always go back to house painting, presuming there are enough people with expendable income to want their house painted.

First, I'd try to stick to interior work, where standing on ladders is far less necessary. Also, there is this great niche that many of the other pros are not interested in competing; specifically, coming out to your home to do a single bedroom wall, or other small job that isn't worth the pros time. It takes a little while to build a customer base, and it's not really worth investing heavily in tools at the beginning, but once you get into the bridge club/country club/church group circuit, you'll find there is a huge, pretty much un-met demand for this kind of work. The competition is often from people who won't bother to show up. In fact, in all of the service businesses I've worked in, the single thing you can do to set yourself apart from 99% of your competition, is to show up when you say you will, and do the work you agreed to do. It amazes me how many people blow off potential and active customers thinking the customer will have no where else to go. Dumb. It also helps to be personable, clean, and not smell of last night's drinking binge.

If you will show up when you say you will, and do the work you've agreed to do, you can command a premium on small jobs; at least $60 or more an hour, including travel time. Again, it's not worth the pro's time to move is van, equipment and crew to a small job; say, under $500 and even $500 is way too small for most. They're going to want, and in reality need, at least a couple of $k to cover their investments.

Second, I met Bruce from The River at Manuel's Tavern last night. He turns out to be a really great guy, which I sort of expected from the few times I've actually read his blog. And, I'll be adding him to my daily read list.

That is something, amongst a host of other topics, that we discussed last night. My thoughts are that it is better to provide the reader with a list of what I really try to read daily. He pointed out that it might be sort of like 'dissing' the others on the list, but I don't really think so. First of all, if I am going to try to really do some original work, I have to spend time doing original research, or following information trails that other bloggers are not necessarily following. And, I can't and don't want to out Atrios, Atrios, or out Fafblog, Fafblog!, or whomever. And that's not my goal. I'm not trying to displace someone who is doing well. I'm hoping that you readers will come come back here, not because I am legitimate alternative to Chris C Mooney, or Oliver Willis, but because I bring something unique to the table. If I don't, why should you come back? All of the blogs I've linked to on the right, are blogs that are good in their own right and not carbon copies of each other. Of course, this leaves the decision to you the reader in the face of your time constraints of where you will spend your valuable time. I'm hoping to provide something of value, but it is most certainly up to you to decide.

Third, some of you may have noticed that I've moved up in the bloggosphere rating system (slithering reptile), which at first I thought was really cool and a positive sign, but it turns out largely to be from an unexpected cause. Everytime I cross post to American Samizdat, the bloggosphere is crediting me with a unique link, which in affect means I'm driving my own ratings higher and it does not reflect increased popularity. I learned early on that I was having a similar problem of inflating my own 'hit ratings' until I found out that site meter allows me to ignore my own 'ISP address' when I visit. Until then, everytime I visited Radically Inept, Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker - was registering it as a hit. So, now I have the system ignore my presence here. I'd like all of 'my numbers' to reflect a certain credibility level based on the fact that I am NOT trying to inflate my numbers, but rather the numbers reflect actual reader, and fellow blogger interest. So, if anyone knows how to avoid having the bloggosphere or which ever rating system, ignore my presence and activities in the area of cross-posting, please let me know.

I confess, I do want to increase my readership and 'ratings', but I want it based on the honest interest of visiters and not my own actions, other than working to present posts of a high enough merit that I EARN the ratings. Otherwise, it's too much like a marketing scam. And hopefully, you at least realize that if nothing else, I am not trying to 'scam' readers.

All of that said, I do hope you come back, and if you are a blogger, I hope you think I merit a link. Otherwise, I'd just as soon this be a 'private diary'. 
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