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Thursday, August 26, 2004
  Help Yourself - Support the Gay Economic Boycott

This is the type of action I was referring to in ""The 20/20 Manifesto": Gay activists push 1-day economic boycott:
"A new Atlanta-based gay rights group wants the LGBT community to stop shopping for a day and call in sick to work on Oct. 8.

Boycott for Equality is calling for the first-ever nationwide economic boycott to remind U.S. leaders that gay people make a large contribution to the U.S. economy, but they don't get the same legal rights and protections as their straight counterparts.
First let me say, I don't support Gay Rights, I support Citizen Rights. I believe that my Gay neighbors are fellow citizens and deserve the same rights and protections from my government that I receive. It disgusts me that my government would discriminate against my fellow taxpayers, soldiers, workers and neighbors based on such a ridicules premise as the 'immorality' of their sexual orientation. So, I will be supporting their effort on October 8th. And, I think they may well see results
If the U.S. economy did lose the revenue from payroll, sales and income taxes paid out of the LGBT community's pockets on just one day, it would send a strong message. Gay people spend on average about $1.4 billion a day -- that's about $500 billion a year, according to estimates put together by Witeck-Combs Communications, a public relations firm that specializes in the gay market.
So, I say lets take alot of straight dollars out of the market on the same day, to show our support. I know it may be hard
But some business owners say a total boycott might be tough to take, particularly for gay-owned establishments. Philip Rafshoon, the owner of Atlanta's Outwrite Bookstore, said he respects the sentiment of the protest, but it would be incredibly hard on gay-oriented businesses like his.
"If all of my gay employees called in sick, we'd be out of business that day," said Rafshoon. "I think there should be limits to this kind of protest. Maybe on that day people involved in the boycott could make an exception and shop at a gay-owned business -- it certainly would be another great way to show their community support."
But as I said in ""The 20/20 Manifesto" "...there will have to be sacrifices made, both voluntary and involuntary. You cannot fight a war without sacrifice regardless of what some might say." I think of this as one more skirmish in the war to form a truly egalitarian society.

We've won these skirmishes before. Sure, the successes of the past have often proved limited. But, as Nick stated over at NET POLITIK and cross posted to American Samizdat,
The ultimate act of citizenship is not choosing between two white and Anglo-Saxon males of inoffensive personality and orthodox opinions. I have much more to say about this later, but for now I can only tell you to start listening to whispers all around us. Remember the four college students who sat down at a whites-only diner in the early sixties. Remember the labor movement of the 1930's. Remember a sign in the 1929's: "I wish ma could vote". Perhaps those mystic chords of memory will remind you of what it really means to be an American citizen.
This is how we restart a movement that has existed every time the average person has tried to force change and demand rights in hierarchical systems of the distant and near past. Think Magna Carta. Think The Declaration of Independence.

After achieving some success in an area like workers' rights, civil rights, women's rights, etc. the movements seem to lose steam, and then the elite slowly corrode the advances that were made. But some of those previous successes have stayed. Not to the level fought for, but those rights gained have not completely disappeared. The gains may have been marginalized to some degree, but they have been gains none-the-less.

And, for that reason we need to be vigilant. We truly have the power to affect change - drastic change - in how the system functions. Consider supporting the Gay Boycott as the first major strike for real individual liberties of this century. Make it huge. Scare the fuck out of the 'powers' that be. Force 'em to fight a two front war. Overseas and at home. Shades of the sixties.

Oh, and the sixties did affect change. It saw serious slippage in the intervening years, and there is certainly an active movement on the part of the elite and their ignorant drones to send us into some sort of corporate feudalism based on a perverse theocracy, and we must fight back. We must always fight back, but


So join me in supporting this act of civil disobedience. Support our fellow citizens in their quest for equality in the system.

Remember it is only one more step, and more steps will be needed. But, we have the tools do be truly successful now. The technology that has been the source of power for the elite over the past few centuries, is now in our hands. We can watch. We can film. We can communicate. We can force change.

And, the system is dependent on our money.

I changed the rhetoric at American Samizdat to see if it would draw more people to read this post. I noted the usual high number of hits there, and saw no resulting traffic here. Which I find intriguing. Call this an experiment in stridency. I will check back periodically. 
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