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Monday, August 30, 2004
  The power of dreaming and synchronicity I

I awoke out of a dream in which I was looking over five poster designs for protests. I was analyzing them for their effectiveness in communicating their messages, and their ability to stand out. While I don't remember the individual posters, I recall they seemed to vary from the look of the Fillmore East posters of the sixties, to plain hand bill style. I have over the years learned to force myself to read the words, and make them make sense. That may be why I woke up. It often is. If the stuff I'm trying to read won't achieve coherence, it can bring me to consciousness.

I have strange dreams, but this one seemed a little more unusual than my normal - 'I'm in a huge office building/hotel and I must get in, or out, or to the restaurant, or some specific place and security or others are trying to prevent me' - dreams. Those are what I usually have. On the otherhand, if you've been reading much here or especially over at Rogue Analyst you'll know I've been obsessing on trying to come to grips with the value of various types of information, it's communication, and how to break through the clutter. Yeah, the last part of the dream, was which of these stood out best from all of the background information clutter.

Then, I also remember thinking that I really don't know the histories of many of the various peace and labor movements, and that it might be helpful to know more.

A few sychronisities appear worth citing. The first is that when Freelancer spoke Thursday night, dreams also became a major subject. Sadly, he states that his current work allows him so little sleep that he doesn't have the time to continue techniques he knows, or work on new ones to get greater enjoyment and/or information from his dreams.

Then Friday morning, I read John from lies.com's post Another Dream About Bush, which was an interesting read, but seemed to reinforce the whole importance of dreams as a meme.

I started this post on Saturday morning, I didn't have time to get back to it until today. I'll explain in a admin post later. For now, indulge me on dreams and dreaming as a subject.

Later on Saturday, I went hunting for a book that Freelancer had recommended in our first conversation outside work, Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book by Jane Roberts. The DeKalb County system does not have a copy, but I did find The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene, which I had been looking forward to reading, and a book I hadn't heard of, "MAGIC AND WITCHCRAFT: From Shamanism to the Technopagans", by Nevill Drury, which grabbed my attention immediately. I'll try to come back to this last title later in this post. Regardless, I will deal with my beliefs in this area. Note I didn't say 'knowledge' of the area.

Well, continuing my quest for Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book by Jane Roberts, I checked out the Health Unlimited store on N. Druid Hills, which I knew to carry a pretty solid collection of 'esoteric' book titles. Sure enough, they had a few copies, but at $17.99 a copy plus tax. Oh, never mind. So, that I went into the used bookstore across the street, The Brandeis Used Book in the Toco Hill Shopping Plaza. They didn't carry it, but as I was about to leave, I paused to look through the book bins outside the store. They were having a pretty extensive sale inside, but currently I'm on a LOW BUDGET, so the bin boxes were my best choice.

Now, when I hit the bin boxes, I don't really try to browse through all the books, reading titles and the like. I find that if I pass my hand over the books, just a little above their spins, I get a feeling when I'm over a book that I should look at. Using this method, I stumbled on to two books, I might not otherwise have found. "Ten Great Works of Philosophy" by Robert Paul Wolff (Editor) and So Human an Animal by Rene Dubos, for a total price of 86 cents, that includes tax. Fascinating to find so much knowledge, for so little a price.

I read a little of Dubos' book, the first chapter, and it appears exactly as relevant today, as it was then, though we apparently differ in regards to the existence of a supreme being. On the other hand, I just finished reading Apology by Plato (looks like the entire text is at this site, so I encourage readers to read it) on Socrates' own defense at his trial. Wow, now this is true deja vu. I really find I have nothing to offer readers of any originality beyound than what Socrates said in his own defense facing the death penalty. Well, I'm sure that will not last, as the next chapter is Crito by Plato, which I've already started, and found brilliant, and it is followed by Poetics by Aristotle.

Brief confession: I've given up the idea of trying to slog my way through The Cambridge Economic History of Europe from the Decline of the Roman Empire, volumes III through VI, which posted here. The level of detail was mind-boggling, and maybe I can find the chapters summarized somewhere else. I was spending far too much time on trying to read that old academicese style. I did learn from what I made it through, but surely I can find the level of info I want in an easier to digest form elsewhere. Besides, I wouldn't being going back and reading the Greek Classics, which is much easier, and more fun.

Well, so what did the past few paragraphs have to do with dreaming and sychronisity? Well, in reading the Apology, Socrates speaks of receiving prophesies. Well, as it turns out, I believe I receive prophesies myself. You are startled? You think to yourself, 'I knew he was Radically Inept, but now me thinks he's crazy as well'? Possibly. I've touched on this before, and more often than you know, as I've started several posts on the subject and left them in draft form.

But, for right now, I will relate one particular episode. It was the second weekend of June, 2001. I know, because it was a reserve drill weekend, which is also why I have proof. I dreamt the night before, and please do remember dreams may not always be precise, and memories of dreams are not always precise as the dream may have been. I dreamt that I saw the black bow of a ship, only the bow, hit and blow up a tall building. I saw it twice, I thought the dream was replaying itself. I also saw that 'the building' was on an island, and I saw the ruins after the event. This dream was so real, I informed the commander of my unit and my fellow officers of it. I sent emails out and I searched for news on a building on an island being blown up.

Exactly three months later, I saw the news about 9/11. And I knew that was the event I of which I had dreamt, and rather than the dream having replayed the same event from different angles, that it was in fact two events. And that the black bows of what I thought were ships, were the bows of planes, and that explained why the bows hit so high on, as I thought at the time, the single building. But it was when I saw the ruins after the event, that I knew it was a perfect match to my dream.

I had dreamt other things that happened after the dreaming, but that was the first where I had witnesses and established computer evidence as to date and time of my inquiries.

One final note on this particular dream, right before I woke up, I heard one word, clear and loud. This was another reason that the dream stood out. Most my dreams, there really is no 'sound'. Usually, audio is more of an impression of audio, than 'sound'. This time I heard one word, loud and clear - Titus.

I have no idea to this date what it meant, but I know it is important and linked to 9/11. Initially it caused me some confusion, as I kept looking to Titus Island when I was hunting for news of the event, though even at the time I wasn't sure if it referred to location or something else, such as the name of 'the' ship or something. Regardless, I know that 'Titus' is in some way significant to the event. I post this piece of information here, in futile hope it will somehow lead to an explanation.

There are other dreams I will relate, now that I've gone ahead and revealed myself as a true believer in the idea that information can be received out of linear time, but that should be no surprise to anyone who believes in quantum physics.

Enough for now. Must go back to the job hunt... 
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