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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
  Team MilCom continues its dominance of Team Soldier

In the latest matchup between Team Military-Industrial Complex (MilCom) and Team Soldiers, MilCom persevered in the 13th inning to hand yet another defeat to the Soldiers.

In this latest contest, Team MilCom was contracted to provide Team Soldiers a High Utility, Multi-use Vehicle/Weapons Platform easily deployable to anywhere on the globe on short notice:
Formerly known as the Interim Armored Vehicle, the Stryker Light Armored Vehicle III [LAV III] is at the center of the Army’s Interim Brigade Combat Teams. The IBCTs will be lighter and more mobile, yet offer firepower no enemy can hope to match. Strykers are being deployed to units at Fort Lewis, WA. In all, six brigades will receive the vehicles. Each brigade will have more than 300 Strykers apiece...

...One of the Army’s transformation goals is to be able to deploy brigade combat teams anywhere in the world within 96 hours, a division in 120 hours and five divisions within 30 days, according to Army Chief of Staff GEN Eric K. Shinseki. The LAV III is considered an “interim armored vehicle” because it is not the final vehicle that will equip the transformation “objective force” of the future. This is not an experimental force, rather it represents a force capable of meeting the needs of regional commanders in chief, while concurrently assisting the Army in developing doctrine to meet 21st-century threats.
Hence, one of the requirements was
All of the LAVs will be deployable by C-130 and larger aircraft.
So the game began, but Team Soldier was no match for Team MilCom, and Team MilCom was not only able to avoid ------------, but also the prime deployabilty requirement. The soldiers sent in veteran relief pitcher
Newt Gingrich, who tried to hold back Team MilCom in the ninth,
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002, 11:26 PM

Subject: Re: Stryker Transportability

I appreciate your email and I am delighted to take advantage of your offer to discuss Stryker issues.

I am a little surprised by your email assertions. There may be good cases for Stryker, but C-130 transportability is not one of them.

Is it not true the Air Force had to issue 14 waivers to fly the Stryker on a C-130 (my source is a senior Air Force officer.)?

Is it not true you cannot fly a Stryker on the C-130 without offloading parts because the weight of a fully loaded Stryker is beyond the C-130 capability?

Is it not true that even the reduced weight partial-Stryker is so heavy only the J model C-130 can carry it into Afghanistan (70 of the 1700 C-130s currently available) and that is the partially unloaded version?

Is it not true the Observer report for the Army on the Fort Irwin experience indicated it took all the scales of a Brigade and four hours time to weigh the two Strykers because the partial-Stryker is still so close to the C-130 margin of safety?

Finally, isn't it true the ammunition and half the crew have to fly on a second plane because the C-130 cannot carry the partial-Stryker and them?

On the non-C-130 side, is it true the Army's 105 gun does not work on the Stryker and a new gun is being mounted?

Is it true the new 105 will not be able to use the Army ammunition currently in stock, thus leaving us with $1 billion in 105 ammunition already on hand that will not fit the Stryker (which means logistics had better make sure they send the right ammunition to a Stryker deployment)?

Is it true the 120mm mortar cannot be fired from the mortar version of the Stryker, even though it can be fired from the M113?

I have some other questions, but answers to these would be very helpful.

Thanks for offering to help.

but, since Newt lost his fast ball, and has been forced to throw junk pitches, he was only able to buy Team Soldier extra innings.

This is part of Team Soldier's problems. They have been unable to find a true, championship calibre pitcher from w/in their own farm system, and can't seem to find a strong free agent willing to work under the salary cap imposed by collective bargaining w/ the team owners.

This is just one more example of how difficult it is for smaller market teams to compete against teams with wealthy owners, like those of Team MilCom, who are able and willing to pay top salary for players. In fact, as soon as small market teams like Team Soldier find a great player, they are only able to hold on to them until the player achieves free-agent status and is picked up by wealthy teams like Team MilCom.

Further, there are rumors circulating among sports writers everywhere, that Team Soldier management, the pentagon and DOD, are willing to settle for lackluster performance on Team Soldier's part, in exchange for television broadcast and concession revenues, while they look to find a buyer for the team. This apparent exit strategy on the part of the Pentagon and DOD suffers since the Team Soldier franchise is burdened with many long term player contracts, no fixed game schedule, and is currently not achieving the success expected in their series of exhibition games against overseas minor league teams.

Many fans of Team Soldier feel that it is not a lack of talent on the part of players on Team Soldier, but Radically Inept management on the part of Team President Baby Bush, and Team Personnel Manager Donald's Rump'sFilled. Many long-term, loyal Team Soldier fans are hoping that a share holder revolt on the part of minor share holders, often called 'citizens', might be able to replace current team management, and even possibly buy the team from the current owners; much as the citizens of Green Bay were able to buy the Packers in football.

Regardless, Team MilCom has been able to soundly defeat Team Soldier in late innings:
The Stryker, which weighs an average 38,000 pounds (17,100 kg), and is already deployed in Iraq, could be flown only about 860 miles (1384 km) by the C-130 under nearly ideal flight conditions, the GAO report said.

"Adding just 2,000 pounds (900 kg) onboard the aircraft for associated cargo such as mission equipment or ammunition reduces the C-130 aircraft's takeoff-to-landing range to only 500 miles (805 km)," said the GAO.

Limits on transporting associated equipment also curbs the ability of Strykers to engage in combat operations immediately upon arrival, the report added.

About a year ago the GAO said it could take much longer than hoped and vast airlift resources to deploy the new Stryker brigades of troops into action around the globe, mostly using bigger C-17 and C-5 transport planes with jet engines.

The cost of the Stryker vehicles has jumped from $3.34 million a piece to $4.13 million between November 2000 and December 2003 while the overall program costs have jumped to about $8.7 billion from $7.1 billion in that period, the latest GAO report said.

General Dynamics Corp. (NYSE:GD) began delivering the first Stryker vehicles to the Army in February 2002, 14 months after it first awarded the contract to the company.
Resulting in a final score of 2,131 overpiced and below spec Stryker 8-Wheel Drive Armoured Combat Vehicles and the associated profits for Team MilCom, and a one more in a series of logistical head nightmares for Team Soldier.

And this does not answer the question of whether or not the Stryker improves on previous vehicle/weapons platforms:

Stryker 8-Wheel Drive Armoured Combat Vehicles

Stryker vehicle weight limits C-130 range-U.S. GAO

M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

M60A3 Main Battle Tank

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