Radically Inept
Friday, August 20, 2004

Well, at least sort of. They are not anarchist in that they believe in anarchy as a goal, but they are anarchists in the fashion of creating and utilizing anarchy as a tool to achieve their goals of greater profits, and hence power.

Think about it. The global political situation was largely stable until their administration. One knew who America's allies were, and pretty much what to expect in our relations with them. Now, we know longer know who are our allies and who are our enemies.

Really. In Afghanistan, under the Taliban, we knew who the enemy was, where they were, and they actually ran a stable government. Despotic and theocratic, but stable. Now we don't know where the Taliban is, and no one is in charge in the country. Total anarchy.

In Iraq, there was a stable government, we knew who the enemy was, and pretty much how to successfully mitigate their ability to cause harm. Now the country has fallen into anarchy, we have no idea who our friends and enemies are, and the anarchy keeps growing.

Venezuela, prior to this administration, was largely stable, a decent trading partner, and moving toward greater stability. This administration has changed our relationship with the Venezuelan to one of deep distrust, caused huge civil unrest, riots in the street and an unstable oil supply. Anarchy.

Europe was an ally. We knew we could count on them for helping to maintain global stability. Now our relationship is at best unstable, and at worst hostile. And while they will not confront us directly, we can rest assured that they will take advantages of opportunities to harm our position in many areas. Not quite so anarchic as other situations, but hardly the stable, friends across the Atlantic we once had.

North Korea, South Korea, in fact all of our relationships in Asia, are in disarray. These countries have no idea what to expect from our government anymore. Troops in - troops out. A strong no nuke policy, suddenly changed to one that propagates nuclear proliferation due to increased fears. And a region that has no idea what to expect next, as there is now a lack of a stable approach to the region. Anarchy.

Domestically, we had a set of stable bureaucracies in charge of protecting our borders, enforcing our laws and investigating crimes, that while not efficient, did trundle along with some success. Now, after the 'great re-alignment', they operate in a confusing maze of relationships that will take years to resort itself, if ever. And it won't succeed as long as guidance from on high keeps changing. Anarchy.

For thirty plus years, our country was progressing in a somewhat orderly fashion to improve the environment and health of our nation and it's people. Now, huge environmental changes which are resulting in a huge number of law suits, from a whole host of players, which will tie up the federal courts for years, as there is no longer any clear guidance for the courts to follow; all precedent has been stood on its head. Even the military was making great strides in learning to deal with preserving its environment and working with its neighbors. Now all the rules are null and void, and the systems that had been put in place prior to this administration, are stumbling around trying to re-orient itself to a new operational environment. Anarchy in the government.

Oh, science at one time operated under a thing called the scientific principle, used the scientific method, and was a staunch adherent to scientific empiricism. Now, they can't be sure when they are supposed to use science, and when they must adhere to theoracy. Worse, they are unsure which passage of the holy bible applies to any subject. They was wait until god's personal spokesman in the White House tells them what god approves of. Anarchy.

Four almost forty years, our citizens had learned to be ever more secure in our legal system. Not perfect, but the legal system had slowly put in place a host of provisions for protecting the rights of the citizenry. Now, no one knows when they will be picked up and hidden away, and no one knows where the missing are. Citizens, prior to this administration, had felt comfortable in being able to protest the government, and pretty much knew where the guidelines were. Now, no one is secure. No one is sure of their rights. Anarchy at home.

Hell, come to think of it, no one even knows what the current division of powers is in our government. If any. But, you don't know. You can't predict what is allowed or when your elected official will find themselves on an enemies list and be destroyed. No security here. Just anarchy.

You might argue that we all know where the power lies, it lies in Bush/Cheney. But you can't predict what they'll do from one day to the next. One day this is good and patriotic, the next day it is evil and terroristic. Besides, they have created so much anarchy, they cannot really control anything any more, just influence it. And as time progresses, I argue they have sown so much confusion, that nothing will get done. We won't achieve stability, just ineffective stagnation and confusion. Who's in charge of this? Whose responsible for that? Who the hell knows?!!

No, I will argue a vote for Bush/Cheney is a strong vote for greater global anarchy. Soon, no one will be able to predict anything. If you truly believe in anarchy, well, I think these guys are your ticket. I think they are single handedly capable of destroying all government, social, economic and even religious institutions. And based on the record, they are too incompetent to stop the anarchy from growing. They've open Pandora's Box, and now they will be incapable of controlling the aftermath. Soon we will achieve the utimate - Complete WORLD DISORDER!!

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