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Friday, August 13, 2004
  What we CAN LEARN from the Animal Welfare Advocates' Tactics

I posted this piece yesterday, "Can the anti-war movement learn from Animal Welfare Advocates", and then in the shower it dawned on me what we can learn from them. Really it's nothing new, but attacking a corporations logistics base to force change, does strike me as a brilliant application of war fighting tactics to social change movements. But as I stated in yesterday's post, I am against the use of violence in pursuing social change. I think you wind up with the same attitudes as those currently in charge if you use their tactics.

On the other hand, we can combine the old boycott tactic with the 'attack the logistics base' tactic, and possibly have a very effective tool at our disposal. In the past, we have used boycotts to affect change, but we've attacked the corporations directly. What I now suggest, is to combine these tactics to affect change at Halliburton, The Carlyle Group and Rush Limp-bowel's EIB (Ethically Inept Bullshit) Network.

Note, I say we, but really it means those of you economically involved in the communities where these companies are headquartered and operate.

NOTE: As I posted in "Follow the Money", The Carlyle Group no longer boasts it's association with Papa Bush. I guess they are embarrassed to have him now. When I first started hitting the site, back in October 2001, he was prominently displayed. I made a point of putting their entire personnel roster on disk, cause you never know when they are going to have to distance themselves from a scandal involving one of their own, and I thought it would be neat to be the source should that occur. I'm so anal, I also maintain a complete list of all the companies that were located in the WTC, and many of the employee rosters. Probably just a waste of filing space, but...

Back on topic - if all of you that work in San Francisco, especially those of you that either run companies or have a say in procurement of goods and services, would refuse to hire the same security firms, cleaning services, coffee services, office supply companies, copier companies, etc. That The Carlyle Group uses, I wonder if it wouldn't put a crimp into their style. If you are in the position to do so, maybe quit using the companies that support their corporate fleet of jets. Make them have sole provider contracts for everything they do. Further, refuse to use a taxi or limo service that delivers or picks up their customers. Take it as far as you can.

If those of in Houston would do the same concerning Halliburton, and those of you in Palm Beach or (according to http://www.conspiracyworld.com/index0068.htm) in New York:
Rush Limbaugh now lives in New York City—"Little Israel"—where more Jews reside than in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Rush Limbaugh also has a luxurious condo down in Palm Beach, Florida—where Jewish multimillionaires are in abundance. New York and Palm Beach are both exclusive Jewish/Israeli enclaves in America.
Rush Limp-bowel would do the same, it would be interesting to see if it could eventually have an economic impact on the companies.

I mean it would have to go further than just the main headquarters, you'd want to get all of their satellite locations and their subsidiary companies as well, but think of the fun. Think of the pride on making life difficult for these whores. Besides, it's an easy way to agitate, and what else are you doing for the cause? Just let their suppliers and vendors know that you won't be using their services, because they provide 'x' support to these companies.

NOTE II: It dawns on me, that socially, dropping out of the churches/country clubs where these guys are members, might do some good. Certainly in places down here in the South (like Houston), it would cause a pretty good stir if people quit going to the churches these guys attend. I know church is all about forgiveness, and as soon as they quit screwing people and getting people killed, well then it wuld make sense to forgive them; not while they are still committing evil. Just a thought.

NOTE III: If you own a restaurant where the employees of these companies work, refuse to serve them. If you are a server at one of there happy hour watering holes refuse to serve them Do it loudly. Let everyone know why you are not serving them. If you see the UPS driver coming from delivering to them, refuse to serve him and tell him why. Protest outside the establishments that their employees frequent. Make it hard on the employees socially when ever you can. Keep carrying this further. If one of the employees of one of these companies lives next door, refuse to use the same lawn or pool service they do, and tell the service providers why. Make life hell for everyone involved with these companies, even tangentially. I think we'll have to go to extremes to make this work, but if we can defeat them, we can add to our list of companies we target, and again, if we succeed, we will be making the world a better place.

Tell your congress man that he will not get your vote if he accepts money from these companies.

Sorry, the ideas just keep coming. If you come back, you may see a NOTE IV or even V.
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