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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
  I am one of the UNDECIDEDS

I would cite articles from the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, but but the bastards want to damn much personal information: Info hell. And speaking of hell, hell, I've been a subscriber to the rag version for ten years. So, I will use other sources for my writings on news from Atlanta.

I was at Manuel's Tavern last night, having a few beers, discussing the federal indictment against former Mayor Bill Campbell, the federal lawsuit claiming that Dekalb county's CEO discriminated against whites, the firing(?)/retirement(?) of the DeKalb County police chief, the presidential campaign, and occassionally look up to watch the Farce in New York. Bruce from The River showed up, and I was able to introduce him to a few people, including my favorite conservative, Maj. Gen. Larry Taylor, USMCR (Ret.). Why he hangs out with us (he's been showing up longer than I have), I don't know, but he's a great source of info on the Marines, and is pretty cogniscent of what's happening in some of the upper circles.

Anyway, at one point I looked up and saw the Baby Bush's progeny speaking at the Farce in New York. Man, and they used to make fun of the way Chelsea looked. These girls looked and sounded just like bimbos. I wonder if they went to a Paris Hilton training camp on how to be rich and vacuaus, or something? Their prattle was so completely innane, I knew without a doubt - these were Baby Bush's daughters, even before someone told me that that was who was speaking.

And I was already to rant on just this until I saw Michael Bérubé's 'non-ironic' take on their...well, it wasn't a speech, but let's be generous and call it 'presentation'. Newly republican Michael Bérubé's take was
Next up were the twins, Barbara and Jenna. And here, I think, is where my new party revealed a genius I didn't know it had. For years, progressive-left literary types like me used to taunt Republicans: "nyah nyah, nyah nyah," we suggested, "you don't know anything about surrealism, nyah nyah, never heard of the European avant-garde, la la la la la la." We thought we were the last word in urbane sophistication, and that Republicans could not begin to comprehend– or even catch– our allusions to figures like Bréton and Bataille. But then along come the Bush twins, and ooh la la, surrealism is born anew! "My Dad already had a chief of staff– and his name is Andy!" said Jenna. It is beyond humor, it is beyond your petty-ironic Democrat understanding. "Our parents' favorite term of endearment for each other is Bushy," they said, following this with "we had a hamster too, but our hamster didn't make it." What does this mean? you ask. Foolish liberal Democrats, fretting about "what does this mean, this strange talk of bushes and lost hamsters." It is not about meaning. It is about the irruption of the unconscious into the very fabric of everyday life, where the eye becomes an egg and the hamster disappears into the bushy undergrowth, there to be transformed into the heart and soul of America. Hah! Now we find that Republican diversity is even more diverse than Michael Steele and Arnold Schwarzenegger– it extends even to the domain of live performance art, where Barbara and Jenna Bush evoke Bréton and Bataille and Beavis and Butthead in an intertextual performance that leaves you girlie-men cultural-studies Democrats gasping for air. I especially liked the bit about how their parents taught them to respect everyone. Except the people we run against-- them we slime! Heh. Heh heh. Heh.
After reading his take, I will be adding him to the link list real soon. Oh, and here's the link to his first night's coverage

I found the link to him via MaxSpeak, You Listen!, who had a great Gonzo piece yesterday, MaxSpeak, You Listen!: EXCLUSIVE MAXSPEAK COVERAGE*
, and I was back looking for more. None yet. Some wishy-washy excuse about commute times. Hardly representative of that Gonzo spirit.

Anyway, I'm still debating whether to vote for Bush or Kerry, or just write Kucinich or someone. I brought that up last night to a couple of lawyer friends (yes, remarkably, they are human), and they keep giving me the same argument about Supreme Court Justice appointments. But my thought is screw it. Americans deserve four more years of this corporate Gestapo. Let's let America go so far South that out of pure desperation, Americans wake up and decide to take the country back. I think Kerry is just a more eloquent pawn of the elite, if he isn't one of the masterminds behind the whole agenda.

If Kerry gets elected, I suspect he'll continue to talk a mediocre line about helping the American people while claiming he can't do anything about it due to the republican majority in the House and Senate. The implementation of the Fascist agenda will just happen a little slower. As to the Supreme Court Justices? Hell, once you can buy one, you can buy 'em all, and you only need five. Just look at the House and Senate - can you say, "FOR SALE"?

And that is the problem with America again. The greed is back, and it's permeated everything. The average citizen is just a greedy schmuck who wants to get his mouth around the teat of someone else's money maker. That's all. It's all about greed; an entire culture of greed.

If you do plan to vote in November, please get your ABSENTEE BALLOTS now. It the only way to defeat the Diebold Black Box Voting crap.


Me, I'll probably not make up my mind until I'm ready to send my ballot in. I mean, Bush has been good for bloggers. Just think what four more years of administrative malfeasance and major media enabling and corporate looting will do for the popularity of blogging. Material for everyone, prison for most. I won't have to worry about finding work when I'm hidden away, but I am hoping they'll feed me. 'Course, I wouldn't be surprised to find that in an effort to control the costs of feeding secret political prisoners, they decide to secretly shoot them and bury them in secret graves. If there is one thing this administration likes, it's secrecy.

Enough of this rant.  
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