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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
  Dueling sound bites, the Government In Exile and the value of inforomation

I half composed this post on Wednesday, but never came back to finish it. I'm suffering from "I can't believe this is what Amerika has come to". I've gotten to where I can't believe anything I read or watch on TV has any basis in reality. It's probably a serious psychosis.

The reason I never came back to finish this post on Wednesday was I caught "an exclusive" on CNBC telling me that NY AG Spitzer is now going after the insurance industry. When they were done, I expected one of the newscasters to point out how they have been steadily wrong in continuing to say that "corruption is limited to just a few players, and that the overall market is as honest and trustworthy" as...Well, I don't know what, as I can't seem to find a single institution that possesses any integrity, but they could point that out also. Matter-of-fact, $10, in play dollars, to any reader that can name an industry or institution that hasn't suffered an integrity related scandal.

Today I watched Al "I had to suck Bush off to keep my job" Greenspan on three different channels explain why $55 a barrel of oil is no big deal. How in proportion to real 70s dollars, it is actually lower than it was at the peak prices of the 70s. I kept waiting for him to point out that real wages, in terms of 70s dollars, have gone down too. But he never brought that point up.

The other thing that may be contributing to my delirium is lack of success in this, what I keep being told is, recovering economy. I don't know who the economy is recovering for, but I wish you'd share. So, I've been spending time shopping for a minivan or some other vehicle, at a good price, so I can go back into the painting business. Not really what I had in mind when I went back to school to get a masters, but...It's a business I know, and one I should be able to make good money at, but..

So, anyway, no excuses for not posting, just not real enthusiastic about much of anything here lately.

I went to Manuel's Tavern last night for the weekly meeting of the Government In Exile and had a fairly interesting evening which I'll get to in a moment, but first I wanted to address tonight's meeting of the same at the same. I received an invitation to watch the final bout of the 'Dueling Sound Bites' tonight at Manuel's. I don't think I will attend. I haven't gone to Manuel's to watch any of the other 'Dueling Sound Bites' matches, in fact I haven't watched them at all, but it turns out they have been a HUGE draw with even republicans showing up to watch these farces. I was told it was so bad that last Friday night the crowd had to pass the drinks from the bartenders through seven or eight people to the patron, and the money was transferred in the reverse. Way too crowded for my blood. So they are planning to set up a large screen TV in the parking lot so the GIE people and enjoy the farce without having to deal with the huge crowds inside, and possibly be able to actually engage in conversation.

So, it will probably be a fun event, but I still have no intention of dignifying the 'Dueling Sound Bites' by watching them. I haven't even paid attention to the talking heads who tell us later who won. I don't care. The situation is so bad, that everywhere I turn people are talking about the fact that the elections will be decided in court, not at the polls. And even this is really a non-issue, as, as far as I can tell, our government has already been bought and they are just letting us pretend that we have a say in its management. Regardless of who they let win, the wealthy will continue to be allowed to loot our coffers and affectively make our grand-children indentured servants to this corrupt system. I will give the republicans some credit though, since they at least make little effort to hide the fact that they are the party of greed and surprisingly - considering their vocal position on 'moral' issues and evolution - socio/economic 'darwinism'. Fuck the poor, they deserve it. Certainly Baby Bush has been known to give those thoughts credence, and his policies have given them force.

My position now is that Amerikans deserve four more years of Baby Bush, and certainly no better. And no better is offered. After listening to Kerry's positions on the issues, he'll just allow us to be bankrupted a little slower. Big business controls pretty much every government agency and that will only be changed via, if not out-right armed revolution, than at least a real sense of rage on the part of the populace. And that won't happen, as our populace is more focused on sports figures and movie stars than on things that actually affect their lives.

So, consider this my first real political rant in probably 6 or 7 weeks, and it is due in large part to the "give my tax dollars to corporations, who are making enormous profits already" bill that got passed over the weekend. Who the hell remembers the last time congress stayed in session over a holiday weekend? Not only did they screw up my C-Span watching, they passed this bullshit. 
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