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Friday, June 04, 2004
  Tuna Light

Getting ready to head out for our twice yearly anti-fraternaty re-union. One is Homecoming in the Fall, and the Tuna Tournament in the Spring {no one actually fishes, but this will be the first one not next to water].

I'll be back for what I'm hoping is a good networking opportunity tomorrow afternoon downtown.

Quick comment, blogger keeps improving the 'edit/manage' interface, which is a huge improvement, but it seems that as they update, the service has 'outages' and I'm losing stuff like my Haloscan icon and now my 'blogger' icon. Don't know...May try spending Sunday night getting things here back in order. Maybe... 
  Food for thought

Just some links the Wife found when we were researching free range - small farm grown - foods. Agri business news, this is what she was looking for:

Front Page

And this is a great incidental find, the UGA info bonanza:

Publications - Subject List The Wife's take:
written by:
The University of Georgia
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

with delightful titles such as:
Venison from Field to Table:
Getting the Most Out of Your Deer

Food Spoilage and You

What Causes Constipation

but in all seriousness, interesting titles....read 'em!
Oh, and she means read the titles are fun reading, not necessarily the articles. I mean, I know how to field strip a deer, but it does not make for great reading. Try it.

So now you know where to go for your agri-business and personal needs. 
  And the list grows long

Via Drunken Monkey Style Blogging comes this: Resignations_Impeach_Bush

Ah, one can but dream at this point. 
Thursday, June 03, 2004
  Savior Faire is everywhere

Okay, maybe not Savior Faire exactly, but certainly life.

Starting with Center For Public Environmental Oversight's Newsletter, I get to piece a couple of items together.

For all those scientific types who don't get it, life exists everywhere: Bacteria found in Hanford waste:
"Scientists studying the soil beneath a leaking Hanford nuclear waste storage tank have discovered more than 100 species of bacteria living in a toxic, radioactive environment that most would have thought inhospitable to all forms of life.

'Even in some of the most contaminated zones, we found a few living organisms,' said Fred Brockman, a microbial ecologist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland. Brockman is presenting the findings today at the American Society for Microbiology's annual meeting in New Orleans.

For most living creatures, the nuclear and chemical waste in the underground storage tanks on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation is the deadliest mixture of toxins and radioactive muck on the planet.

For certain bacteria, however, this toxic goop left over from decades of nuclear weapons production appears to be just a second home."
So, maybe we should be happy that the senate [Senate approves change in defense nuclear cleanup requirements , by H. JOSEF HEBERT ]:
"...agreed to ease cleanup requirements for tanks holding millions of gallons of highly radioactive waste from Cold War-era bomb making.

Senate critics said the change would leave poisonous sludge in underground tanks and risk contamination of groundwater.

An attempt to block the change failed by the narrowest of margins. Senators voted 48-48 on an amendment offered by U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., that would have stripped the provision from a defense authorization bill.

The provision allows the DOEto reclassify radioactive sludge in 51 tanks at a South Carolina nuclear site so it can be left in place and covered by concrete, instead of being entombed in the Nevada desert."
So, maybe it will all work out.

Or maybe this will be the last time, for the next ten thousand years, that Sea Island will be used for the G8 Summit(The Ecology I Expect). Good thing we have a pro-environmental administration in charge, or I might start worrying.

On the plus side of it all, no more Government Attacks on Free Speech in Georgia.

And man the security costs savings of not having to protect citizens from terrorism based on local G8 Summit concerns vs long term health...Well, let me just say I will be proud to know life can live in te hot zone. 'Course, I'm not all to thrilled about the idea of creating more of them... 
  Another commercial

Recognizing that even the evil that is Madison Ave, Modulator links to this: Modulator: Friday Cats on Thursday, and I like fun commercials. See Singapore Navy [seems to lack the band width to support real streaming video], and my favorite, rubber duck
  The truth is out there

Found this, US Military and Government Security Guides and Information, when I was looking for National Computer Security Center. And, if you are worried about computer security issues, well, try here: Hacking and Hackers - Computer Security Programs Downloading Search Engines Portal News, billing itself as: The most comprehensive computer and network security resource on the Internet for Information System Security Professionals (INFOSYSSEC)." 
  Before you vote, know this

Joseph, over at The Corpus Callosum has this to say:
"Whatever you think of George W. Bush, remember one thing. He is a liar. I'm not saying he's a bad person; I'm not suggesting you shouldn't vote for him. Just remember that if you do vote for him, you are voting for a liar."
Strong words, you say? Well, he does a pretty good job of providing some excellent links to support his statement, including Bush Campaign Lies, and (I especially like this convenient layout) Bush's Broken Promises.

And on a totally unrelated topic, what was Tony Robbins doing on CNBC TV?! He's a huckster. How the hell can he be on a news program, unless it's an expose of the idiots that buy his products (No, not you, the others are the idiots)? It's bad enough that they give Kud-chew and Crammer air time, and half their supposed news programs are about what products I must buy, and which movies are 'must see'. But actually letting Robbins babble on about his pseudo-psycho pop feel good garbage, is just too far. I think I'll start going elsewhere when I get the itch to watch the stock tickers.

Well, maybe it is in fact related. What is 'credibility'? The Atkins diet must be good because so many people believe it. Is that how we now assign credibility? If enough stupid people believe a false statement, it then becomes true. Well, if that's the standard for credibility we've fallen to, then believe me when I say, "I've started a new church, and you want to send me 10% of your gross income which I will use to protect three dogs and their owners from poverty in the name of "IT". "What is "IT", you ask? "IT" is the immediate enlightenment you'll receive when you can't afford to pay your bills because you were stupid enough to send me your money, sometimes also referred to as 'wisdom'.

Now I, waiting with baited breath for America to get "IT", and throw this lying film of pond scum out of the White House.

My first rant in over a week. It feels good. 
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
  "Up and at'em, Atom Ant!"

We have persevered through re-install quagmire combined with program up-date hell. Most systems appear to be functioning normal. If not, I kill Scotty.

Want to plug this: Belarc:
"The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server."
Pretty cool. It's an easy way to find those product keys you lost when your roommate spilled red wine on your cd cases. In truth, it's an excellent tool. Download and run it, then print the results, and see what's actually on your computer. And it makes for a ready reference sheet for when you need it.

The over all support experience was pretty good from both Dell and EarthLink (though I still think of it as 'mindspring'). MicroSoft was much more difficult to navigate due to the volume of updates. And why when you link to the system doesn't it figure out EVERYTHING you should download at one time? All up-dates, patches, drivers, options, everything? It's Microsoft, 'we don't have to', I know, but come on, you'd save on bandwidth. 
Tuesday, June 01, 2004
  Dealing w/ re-installation problems Trying to get everything back up and running.

Also, seem to be having troubles w/ blogger system. My Haloscan icon has disappeared, and I posted in reference to the computer problems on Friday night, and that post has vanished. And before we had 'system failure', I couldn't access the account to post here for over an hour.

So, it's tech problems all around.

Anyway, we'll be back when I can get everything re-configured. 
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