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Friday, August 27, 2004
  When you need an easy target - visit Tech Central Station

I've hit on TCS before, here, here, here and here. These guys are such shills. And, just to show they have all of the journalistic standards of Rush LimpBowel, you don't have to go further than this current article, TCS: Tech Central Station - The GOP Takes Manhattan:
"Establishment media coverage makes Republicans look like yahoos and religious fanatics. That's hardly a surprise since members of the national press corps identify themselves as liberals over conservatives by five to one, according to a recent Pew Research Center study; American citizens, on the other hand, identify themselves as conservatives over liberals by three to two."
Which seems fairly reasonable, right? I mean they cited a Pew Research Center study, right? I mean, okay, they didn't provide the source for
"American citizens, on the other hand, identify themselves as conservatives over liberals by three to two"
But they did cite the source for the former.

Well, no. For those that didn't hit the link, it actually links to The American Enterprise: The Press and The Public Are Worlds Apart, which itself does not provide a link to the research, and identifies the title of the study as "Press Going Too Easy on Bush", but that is the subtitle of the report itself, and The American Enterprise conveniently omits the title, "Bottom-Line Pressures Now Hurting Coverage, Say Journalists".

And when you go to The Pew Research Center you find "Bottom-Line Pressures Now Hurting Coverage, Say Journalists
Press Going Too Easy on Bush"

The funny thing is that actual results from the report state:
About a third of national journalists (34%) and somewhat fewer local journalists (23%) describe themselves as liberals; that compares with 19% of the public in a May survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. Moreover, there is a relatively small number of conservatives at national and local news organizations. Just 7% of national news people and 12% of local journalists describe themselves as conservatives, compared with a third of all Americans.

In this regard, Internet journalists are similar ideologically to local journalists: 57% describe themselves as moderates, while 27% say they are liberals and 13% conservatives. Local TV and radio journalists include the lowest percentage of liberals of any of the journalist groups surveyed (15%). Even among local TV and radio journalists, however, just 13% describe themselves as conservatives.
So the numbers TCS used do reflect the content of the report accurately.

So, if you are going to link to a citation, why not link to the original report? Is it because most readers of TCS won't bother to follow the trail to the source? Probably. Is it because the tone of The American Enterprise article is inflammatory and supports the tone adopted in the TCS article? Probably.

Of course, a better question which may be asked is, "To what degree might the fact that the journalists are better educated than the average citizen explain the diffeence?"

I mean, come on! The average American can read beyound the 10th grade level. In fact, when you look at US literacy rates, consider State of Literacy in America: Introduction:
"What Does Level 1 Mean?

The NALS found a total of 21-23 percent - or 40-44 million - of the 191 million American adults (defined as age 16 or older) at Level 1, the lowest literacy level. Although many Level 1 adults could perform many tasks involving simple texts and documents, all adults scoring at Level 1 displayed difficulty using certain reading, writing, and computational skills considered necessary for functioning in everyday life."
And check out this graph. So, consider this when read our impressive literacy rate in the the CIA - The World Factbook -- United States:
"definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 97%
male: 97%
female: 97% (1979 est.)"
and maybe those numbers won't impress you so much.

So, does the ability to read, lessens the chance that your conservative? I wonder if I could find any evidence that intelligent people tend to be liberal?[another post, back to studying] Hey, this is a blog, I'm allowed to be inflammatory, but at least I cite sources. And I cite the original source whenever possible.

Of course the entire tone of TCS: Tech Central Station - Where Free Markets Meet Technology is highly partisan. And with their complete lack of journalistic integrity, you might think Tech Central Station was a blog...
  Wherein I confess to a shameless show of self-promotion

Alright. I let that evil capitalist side of me take charge. I was having a conversation with Freelancer last night, and I mentioned my NASCAR business idea that I posted in "Rick Eddy on NASCAR and 'Bidness'". The idea being to test intellectual property rights law and the value transparency provided by posting to a public forum, as I largely outlined in The 'nickel transaction' and the 'penny transmission' (granted, this time I used a satirical format [you can differ on the level of satire]). He liked the business model; most people seem to like it.

Well, when I mentioned I hadn't seen the traffic that I hoped for, and he suggested the obvious - go to NASCAR blogs, and put the idea there. Well, I was reticent, but today, I let that greedy entrepreneurial side of me take hold. I went out hunting for a popular NASCAR blog site. So I went to BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market, which if you haven't visited, is kind of a cool idea. Hell, if EverCrack can become it's own economic entity as demonstrated by it's sales of virtual characters and artifacts on E-Bay, who knows what this could turn into - A virtual stock market, turn into a 'real' stock market? Why not?

Anyway, there I found BlogShares - NASCAR Industry, and
Chris Halverson's Blog - Basically a Poker Blog
was listed as number one. So I visited the site. Debated using someone else's blog to promote my idea, and morality lost and greed/ego won out. So, I left Chris this message:
Totally OT

Hey Chris, feel free to delete this post if you so desire, as it is a cheap attempt by an inferior driver to get speed by drafting off your blog.

On the other hand, you may actually like Rick Eddy on NASCAR and ‘Bidness’.

My blog tends to be more political and left, so I don’t get alot of sports fans…

Anyway, your choice, and feel free to send me a nasty-gram if I’m way out of line.
Couldn't help it. But then I thought I should at least let him know why I chose his blog to victimize, so I left this second comment:
Oh, I found your blog because of your number one rating on BlogShares – NASCAR Industry. Just thought you’d like to know your number 1, if you weren’t already aware.
In hopes to take the sting out of the transgression. Sort of like kissing a rape victim when your done, eh? Pretty slimy.

So, here I am, linking to
Chris Halverson's Blog - Basically a Poker Blog
(note: twice) in hopes of mitigating my crime, and I confess my recent blogging in sins in hopes of getting absolution.

In the end, I don't really give a damn about either. I mean, I do have a serious capitalist streak in me.

Oh, by the way,
Chris Halverson's Blog - Basically a Poker Blog
is really more of a poker blog, than a NASCAR blog, so if any of you like poker give him a visit (did you note I slipped in the third link?).

So, now for the really cool sychronistic tie in: Poker was another part of Freelancer's and my conversation last night. I related to him how when I was young, I was a major winner playing poker. Then I started reading all those poker advice books and studying the odds, and I couldn't buy a hand for the next 10 - 15 years. Not until I went back to playing intuitively, did I start winning again. Screw the pros, I play aggressive, and pretty much totally intuitively, and I win.

For those that care, I prefer Seven Card Stud by far to Texas Hold 'em, Draw Poker, and many of the other forms. I also like games like match pot games like Two Card Guts and Between-The-Sheets (you can google those yourselves, if you don't know and you care).

Ah, confession is good for the soul, and it gave me material for yet a another long winded rambling post. 
  Does anyone know where I can get a news paper?

It's late, but I had this thought and I wanted to get it down.

All these mea culpas from the press? You know, the NY Times and The Washington Post coming out, and sayin' how they're all sorry about not questioning the WMD evidence? Oh, we should have asked more questions. We're sorry we let you down.


If they were really sorry, why don't they go back and ask some real questions? What evidence, really, what evidence, has ever actually linked Al Queda to 9/11? When are they going to ask? When are these people, the holy fuckin' Fourth Estate going to do their fucking jobs?

The tape? What about it? Analyze the bastard! Compare it with other Osama tapes. There are a few now. Is it really the same guy? I don't know. I'd like to. How about some major news agency doing a story on how all the tapes match or don't? I don't really care which way the whole thing plays, but I would like to know.

Why is it that there seems to be so much 'evidence', or at least a hell of alot of stories to the contrary everywhere I look, but I've yet to see THE media do any investigating?

Those mea culpas were supreme bullshit. Oh, we let you down, but just that once. How the hell do I know that? I have yet to see any real 'journalism' in the mainstream media on just who the fuck was behind 9/11. And please don't tell me to read the fuckin' National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Hell, it's the fuckin' Warren Commission Report of the first decade of the 21st century. Only worse.

Oh, you say, I'm just a fuckin' tin hatter? Well, yeah, that's what people told me in October of 2001 when I was sayin' the Bin Laden family was allowed to leave the country while Americans weren't allowed to fly. I have no clue what the impetous was to finally break that story, but it sure wasn't started by the Times or WaPo.

What else have they missed? Why are the editors still there? Hell, why does anyone buy their papers. There. That's the answer. Boycott their publicatons for a month. Cancel your subscriprions, don't buy a copy at the news stands. Just ignore them for a month. Let's say, October. Right during the run up to this equally phoney bullshit we call an election. Ignore them completely. Don't cite them or their stories. Get the info from somewhere else. Let 'em know just how irrelevant they are as a news source.

Might as well get your news from blogs.

For the past year or more, I've been getting most of my 'news' from The fucking Daily Show!! And that is sad. The show is good, but getting all my news from 15 minutes of skits and parodies (supplemented w/ a healthy dose of C-SPAN) is SAD.

But I started by askin', how do I know that Al Queda had anything to do with 9/11? If they weren't really involved, it makes the whole question of whether there was a connection between Iraq and Al Queda kinda moot, doesn't it? I mean anyone can make a fake tape. Where are the journalists?

Everything now appears to be a replay of the sixties. Remember Laugh-In? I used to get my news from them. But I was 9-10 years old back then. No, we are being seriously screwed.

Anyone know how much a subscription to Aljazeera costs? And do they offer home delivery?

Thursday, August 26, 2004
  Admin update

I am going to have to some studying, so I probably won't blog again until this evening.

I've have added and reordered the links to the right to reflect some new blogs, and admin changes of the blogs themselves, for instance "Shock and Awe" is no more. Kynn has decided to devote time to a local blog of his. Harry seems to have decided to suspend blogging, as has Inspector Lohman. I hope neither of these turn permanent.

I added one blog just because of his A Hopeful Manifesto, and its first line: "Most manifestos are rambling nonsense. This one is no exception". I figured that was enough for me to go back and check on Mind is Moving, and it is the first of the new blogs added to the list. I would have put a link here to all the new blogs, but everything seems to be moving slow this morning. But go check 'em out if you are not familiar with them already.

There's a couple of blogs I sort of owe a link to, but I'm hesitant to do so. Why you ask? Well, it's bad enough that I've now hit "Flappy Bird" bird status on the bogus numbers represented by my cross posting over at American Samizdat, and I don't want my hit numbers to start reflecting you all coming through here to find porn over at Peep Show Stories and s l a : n u d e p o w e r. I mean, I do, and I highly recommend you go by, but I'd rather not have my numbers jump because of your porn hunt. I won't have any idea then, how many people are actually visiting to read, which is what I hope you come by for.

Oh, if I had the time, I would now add UnderReported.com :: Surprising stories from the media and primary sources, which I just found, and looks good. But they'll have to wait until my next admin update. In fact there are several other blogs I will be adding, but I just don't have the time right now.

  Help Yourself - Support the Gay Economic Boycott

This is the type of action I was referring to in ""The 20/20 Manifesto": Gay activists push 1-day economic boycott:
"A new Atlanta-based gay rights group wants the LGBT community to stop shopping for a day and call in sick to work on Oct. 8.

Boycott for Equality is calling for the first-ever nationwide economic boycott to remind U.S. leaders that gay people make a large contribution to the U.S. economy, but they don't get the same legal rights and protections as their straight counterparts.
First let me say, I don't support Gay Rights, I support Citizen Rights. I believe that my Gay neighbors are fellow citizens and deserve the same rights and protections from my government that I receive. It disgusts me that my government would discriminate against my fellow taxpayers, soldiers, workers and neighbors based on such a ridicules premise as the 'immorality' of their sexual orientation. So, I will be supporting their effort on October 8th. And, I think they may well see results
If the U.S. economy did lose the revenue from payroll, sales and income taxes paid out of the LGBT community's pockets on just one day, it would send a strong message. Gay people spend on average about $1.4 billion a day -- that's about $500 billion a year, according to estimates put together by Witeck-Combs Communications, a public relations firm that specializes in the gay market.
So, I say lets take alot of straight dollars out of the market on the same day, to show our support. I know it may be hard
But some business owners say a total boycott might be tough to take, particularly for gay-owned establishments. Philip Rafshoon, the owner of Atlanta's Outwrite Bookstore, said he respects the sentiment of the protest, but it would be incredibly hard on gay-oriented businesses like his.
"If all of my gay employees called in sick, we'd be out of business that day," said Rafshoon. "I think there should be limits to this kind of protest. Maybe on that day people involved in the boycott could make an exception and shop at a gay-owned business -- it certainly would be another great way to show their community support."
But as I said in ""The 20/20 Manifesto" "...there will have to be sacrifices made, both voluntary and involuntary. You cannot fight a war without sacrifice regardless of what some might say." I think of this as one more skirmish in the war to form a truly egalitarian society.

We've won these skirmishes before. Sure, the successes of the past have often proved limited. But, as Nick stated over at NET POLITIK and cross posted to American Samizdat,
The ultimate act of citizenship is not choosing between two white and Anglo-Saxon males of inoffensive personality and orthodox opinions. I have much more to say about this later, but for now I can only tell you to start listening to whispers all around us. Remember the four college students who sat down at a whites-only diner in the early sixties. Remember the labor movement of the 1930's. Remember a sign in the 1929's: "I wish ma could vote". Perhaps those mystic chords of memory will remind you of what it really means to be an American citizen.
This is how we restart a movement that has existed every time the average person has tried to force change and demand rights in hierarchical systems of the distant and near past. Think Magna Carta. Think The Declaration of Independence.

After achieving some success in an area like workers' rights, civil rights, women's rights, etc. the movements seem to lose steam, and then the elite slowly corrode the advances that were made. But some of those previous successes have stayed. Not to the level fought for, but those rights gained have not completely disappeared. The gains may have been marginalized to some degree, but they have been gains none-the-less.

And, for that reason we need to be vigilant. We truly have the power to affect change - drastic change - in how the system functions. Consider supporting the Gay Boycott as the first major strike for real individual liberties of this century. Make it huge. Scare the fuck out of the 'powers' that be. Force 'em to fight a two front war. Overseas and at home. Shades of the sixties.

Oh, and the sixties did affect change. It saw serious slippage in the intervening years, and there is certainly an active movement on the part of the elite and their ignorant drones to send us into some sort of corporate feudalism based on a perverse theocracy, and we must fight back. We must always fight back, but


So join me in supporting this act of civil disobedience. Support our fellow citizens in their quest for equality in the system.

Remember it is only one more step, and more steps will be needed. But, we have the tools do be truly successful now. The technology that has been the source of power for the elite over the past few centuries, is now in our hands. We can watch. We can film. We can communicate. We can force change.

And, the system is dependent on our money.

I changed the rhetoric at American Samizdat to see if it would draw more people to read this post. I noted the usual high number of hits there, and saw no resulting traffic here. Which I find intriguing. Call this an experiment in stridency. I will check back periodically. 
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
  Rick Eddy on NASCAR and 'Bidness'

Okay, here's another test of blogging and intellectual property rights. And, Rick Eddy says it falls under the Radically Inept 'nickel transaction' and the 'penny transmission' code.

So, if any of ya'll uses this idea, I get a nickel on every $1000 made on my idea. That's it. Just a nickel on a grand.

Oh, but that's on gross revenues, not net and sure as hell not profit. Rick Eddy t'weren't born yesterday. Like the old sayin' goes, "I was born at night, but it wasn't last night."

Anyway, this post is about NASCAR, and how to make money. Lot's of money. I have had this idea for years, and when I tell people about it, they all like it. They say it's cool, and it should make lots of money. I've even talked to lawyers, and 'angels', and they all like the idea, but they don't give me any money. Rat Bastards. I can't figure out why no one's done this before. Guess when you get rich, you quit lookin' at how to get richer? That don't sound right, and it sure don't sound American. Hell, we're a country built on greed. It's American like runnin' shine and burnin' books.

Anyway, this is about NASCAR. I tell you up front, "I hate NASCAR." I went to a couple of races over in Talladega back in the early eighties, and all I got was sunburned and drunk. Hell, I didn't even get laid. And NASCAR sucks. It's loud, and all they do is drive around in circles. I know, I know. My friends tell me I just don't appreciate the strategies involved, and the subtleties of the sport. Yeah, bullshit. NASCAR is boring. Drive around in circles for hours, and if you're watching and get lucky, maybe you'll see a few wrecks.

My friends say they don't watch to see massive pile ups, and carnage. Hell, if you ain't watching to see massive pile ups and carnage, you might as well read a fuckin' book. It's the only action your going to see, 'ceptin' the drunk women flashin' their titties for beer.

Now don't get me wrong. I like racing. I like taking my car and drag racing other cars. I like getting on two-lane country roads and racing to beat my last best time from Anniston to Auburn. I like cornering at 80 in an old four-door Dodge on rain slicked roads, where the speed limits posted at 45mph in that bright OSHA yellow. That's fun. Feelin' your rearend slidin' out from underneath, turnin' into the skid, pullin' back onto the highway. That's fuckin' real racin'.

I like getting on the interstate and passing every car I see. I get a rush if I can get to my father-in-law's in Tate City in under an hour and 45.

Hell, I even like racing around the 'big oval' we call I-285; the perimeter.

I like pulling the bumpers off old trucks and replacing them with railroad ties, so when someone slows me down, I can just push the pussy faggots into the wall. See - I do like racing, just not that lame shit they show on TV. Sport used to have balls, now it has got 'corporate sponsors'. Took a real sport, and turned into a lame ass social event. If you really want to see the fun shit, go to a dirt track on a Friday night. Hang out and drink beer with real people, and you can talk to the drivers all ya want.

Oh, you want to know about the railroad ties for bumpers? Simple , really. After you slammed into a few cars, and they get all marked-up with evidence, like the paint from a couple of slow ass Mercedes Benz, you just drive into Buckhead, look for a yard that's got nice land scapin' and used fresh railroad ties for their new retainin' walls. Just swap out the your dinged up, evidence filled ties, with their virginal ties. No one's gonna look for accident evidence, okay, not so much 'accident' as intentional rammin', but...Anyway, no one is gonna go siftin' 'round all the land scape timbers in Atlanta to find the ties I've swapped. And hell, if they do, try to prove them were the ties on MY truck.

But, this is about NASCAR. And business. Oh, and gettin'and bein' rich. I ain't ever been rich, but I figure once I was rich, I could turn all republican and stuff. You know, buy me a couple of senators, or something. Oh, that reminds me, what is the going rate for legislators, anyway? Like, can you get four or five representatives for the same price as one senator? Are there package deals, like if you want to buy an entire state's federal delegation?

Oh, and it'll be so cool. Once I'm rich I can sit around and do coke with my new found buddy, Bush Baby, and ask ol' Dick how much supreme court justices cost. Man, it'd be cool bein' rich. I could buy a diploma from some fancy Yankee school, and pretend to be somethin' I ain't, like old Pee-rot. I know, your thinkin' but you won't be the same ol' Rick Eddy that everyone has come to get used to lookin' to put in jail. Yeah, see...That'd be real cool, too. I could buy my way out of anything, or at most, get house arrest in my brand spankin' new mansion with it's own keg cooler, and a fishin' window over the river, and hell - just 'bout any damn thing I want.

'Sides, I been a criminal for a long time, so's I has got natural republican tendencies. It's innate on my mother's side. I just ain't ever had the money to be republican. But once I do, I'm going to do all them republican things. I'll be a good 'un.

Hey, that reminds me, don't be tryin' to screw me out my nickel on the grand (and that's on the gross, remember), cause I know some good lawyers. I know lawyers who'll work on a contingency basis, so don't go figurin' I'll go away, or ya'll can run me over or nothing like that. Hell, you try and cheat me, I'll hunt your ass down to your private fuckin' gated community, fuck your wife and children, and pop your ass.

"Sides, this could be a real friendly business relationship. All you gotta do is pay me what's mine.

Well, anyway, this is supposed to be about NASCAR and business. See it's like this. I figure you create a NASCAR amateur-bar-little league. I know, you're asking, "Just how fuckin' Radically Inept is this bastard?!" But, that ain't me, His Ineptness is clueless, I just write here so people will have somethin' to read sides his crap. And, I figure as long as I'm writin' here, I'll be tryin' to get my ass rich.

Alright, already. Here's how you do it - electronically. You take the basic business plan of the local bar pool/darts league, but you use those fancy racing video machines, the kind where you can see all the other drivers your racing against, and you link them up over the internet, so one bar team can play other bar teams from anywhere else in the country. Hell, world. You get these guys to pay league membership dues, the bars make money on the video play and/or the drinkin' that always happens when people play real sports -like pool, darts, bowling, fishn', huntin'. See, and at the end of the season, you'd have a championship race, and if you did this smart, you'd have the 'real' NASCAR winner race the bar league winner. Man, you could pay per view that shit.

It'd be awesome. Think of the product tie ins. Each company that sponsors a 'REAL' NASCAR, could put out and sell their own software package to reflect their cars performance. So, you could have Ford vs Chevy. And, the virtual cars would have all of the sponsors' logo's and decals on 'em, for everyone to see. You could have advanced leagues, and broadcast their virtual races just before the 'real' races. The money making potential here boggles the fuckin' mind. And hell, just like they buy fancy pool cues and darts, they'd buy 'cool' racing colors to wear.

And, think of the software sales! You want to tweak your virtual car's performance, buy this software package, which falls within the NASCAR virtual 'league specs', and you get an extra point of...Hell whatever. Don't matter. It's American sports fans, ya can sell 'em any-fuckin'-thing!

NASCAR's already one of, if not THE, fastest growin' sports in terms of popularity. And, everyone wants to be cool, get the chicks, the money, the fame from bein' a driver, and you sell 'em on this chance. They could race from within the safety of their favorite watering hole, and you don't care if they're drunk. Them that takes it seriously, well, hell, maybe you could find future 'real' drivers from that pool of 'proven' virtual drivers.

The real beauty is, the kids leagues. Oh talk about money opportunities. All them rich brats, buying the 'colors' of their favorite drivers. But, even more important, is the fact that they will have 'experienced' the sport. You know, that's how you sell a car. You get the customer behind the wheel to take a test drive. And, that's how you lock in the fan base of the future, you sell 'em early. Just like tobacco, but NASCAR.

No beer sales at that age, but you sure get 'em for life. And, you can get 'em world wide. Little Chinese Ford fans. Ah, the profit potential boggles the fuckin' mind.

I've got a notebook where I've laid out alot of the details, but all I ever bothered to write up on the computer is this partial outline:

Home, school and bar based driving simulation leagues as a popular marketing medium.


1. There are no barriers:
a. Interface can be adjusted for any user. Totally handicap friendly.
b. Not geographically dependent. Today’s technology allows for global diffusion.
c. Not education dependent. Everyone has an innate concept of racing, and autoracing already has an established base.
d. Popularity will drive interface costs down. And, future development
e. It almost uniquely capable of riding the advances in telecommunications. As the technology becomes ubiquitous, so does the potential customer base.
f. Taps in on currently rising popular phenomenon of NASCAR. A sport from and for the common man, has been co-opted by the rich, and sustains popularity in both.

a. Gains benefit of better using technology to access the global market for its product.
b. Allows Fan base a greater degree of interface with the NASCAR experience.
c. By developing a children’s “NASCAR LITTLE LEAGUE”, NASCAR increases its access to the youth market.
d. It combines the popularity of NASCAR, with the popularity of ‘gaming’, with popularity of sports.

3. Bars, billiard halls, game rooms, bowling alleys, upscale ‘Dave and Buster’s’ and “Chucky Cheeze” type environments
a. Are ideal venues for reaching adult and youth markets to establish ‘house leagues’ or leagues that
allow for inter-venue play.
b. They provide a variety of times and places.
c. Provides venues with an additional product to attract customers.
d. These venues are often already providing some form of league entertainment and are experienced in scheduling events, and in catering to ‘team’ customers.
e. Many of these establishments have equipment on hand which often would be convertible to the ‘NASCAR System’.

4. Provides additional venues for corporate sponsors to interface directly with their customers. People
could play in a variety of leagues i.e., the Children’s Coca-Cola League, the UPS League, or the ‘your company logo here’ league.
a. Proven marketable.
Just remember, it's my idea, and I want my money. Fuck the lawyers, I WILL hunt your ass down if you try and cheat me out of it. This is 'bidness'. 
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
  Doing my part to maintain an inequitable system

I doubt I'll be able to post much more today. I have to train up for my new part time gig. I will be teaching young affluent suburbanites how to game the SAT, so they can get into top rated schools. They pay a hefty sum to learn how to pass the test without having to do any algebra or geometry, and other tricks to get them higher scores.

The company does do some charity work at times, but the business model reinforces the inequities in our system. If your parents can afford the training, I can get you 2-300 additional points on your SATs. If your parents can't afford the training, you will be competing on merit alone, and that'll get you into a state school if your lucky, a community college if your not.

I feel like such a whore to the system. Ah well, I might as well enjoy it, and I do like teaching. Besides, my first class is with the 'advanced' students. those that already have taken the SAT once, and scored well enough to meet NCAA mins, but want to go to better schools.

So, now I have to get all prepped up. 
  How to fund protests? Sponsor a Protest Warrior Chapter!

See, I said I wasn't being original, and that the revolution had started (Okay, they usually start small, remember the Boston Tea Party?), and here via Ricky from North Georgia Dogma � One word comes this link: ProtestWarrior has been HACKED:
This action was part of a larger hacktivist campaign against the Republican National Convention. Participate in the online sit-in at http://phil.ist-backup.de/rncelectronic/
Modern day nazis pledging their obedience to the State and the platform of state-sponsored terrorism - neo-fascist ProtestWarriors, you have been HACKED by your friendly neighborhood hacker anarchist =)
Oh, some info on
ProtestWarrior HQ is a new way for fellow liberty-lovers across the planet to mobilize against the left within their own cities. As you know, those on the left usually carry the loudest microphones...but they go silent quickly when truth is thrown back in their face. If there is no ProtestWarrior chapter in your city, sign on now to join our grassroots movement. It's time to take back the streets!
Let me get the logic here...Liberty lovers go out to deny their fellow citizens the right to protest, er, express their liberty? Do I have that right?

Well, I thought this would be a better story, and I wish the Hacktavists would go after a more relevant target. Protest Warriors hardly seem worth the effort. They aren't going to do much unless they out number the people they confront, and even then, it will hopefully just get the media to cover an event they would probably have ignored w/o the confrontation. In fact, I'd suggest inviting Protest Warrior to all of your functions that you want the press to cover.

And wow, geez, if the right wingers take to the streets, who will be home guarding their Silly-ass Useless Vehicles and McMansions? Why confront them? Fade away and it sure looks like a looting fest to me. So, for your next protest, make sure you let Protest Warrrior know where you'll set up; divide your force in half. Put half at the protest site to keep Protest Warrior occuppied, and send the other half to their homes to get funding for future events.

Oh hell, I remember this idiot:
My name is Bryan Henderson and I am an 18 year old senior attending Princeton Senior High School. Better known as Templar_Crusader on the PW forum, I am the proud leader of the small but growing PHS chapter of ProtestWarrior.
Harry and I spent sometime a while back ridiculing this pompous Baby Bush want to be. Besides, am I supposed to believe this kid is already a Mason and a future Skull and Bones member? Probably. And probably likely; depends on how much money his folks have.

Monday, August 23, 2004
  "The 20/20 Manifesto"

I started this post several hours ago, and put a few hours into developing it, but reality intruded. I've re-thought the tact I was taking, and have decided to put the bottom line up front.

The revolution is under way. The cabal that is in charge, knows it and fears it. They know they cannot control it, and they know they cannot prevent it.

The best parallel I have found is the rise of capitalism and the industrial revolution. Prior to these movements, the church and the monarchy, and their ridged hierarchical structures controlled every facet of the average persons life. But, during the rise of capitalism and the industrial revolution, they found themselves forced to cede power to the new breed of merchants. They resisted at every turn, but the creation of wealth in that spectrum, forced them to cede things like 'free man' and sovereignty to towns and markets. This is what is currently happening, and the cabal knows it. They fear it. It will result in the loss of their power, but they can't resist it.

They cannot control the flow of information. Just like the church and the monarchies could not control the flow of capital, the current powers can't control the flow of information. Every new development and technology, which they greedily grasp, and even fund, undermines their power. The recent and current events are a last ditch effort on their part to maintain a status quo that is doomed in the face of progress. They will try to use fossil fuel energy flows to slow their losses, but even this is a doomed effort.

Collectivism and anarchy will replace ridged hierarchies; it is inevitable, short of putting us back into the stone age, which they may try out of desperation.

A couple of quick truths:

In the information age, one must recognize that the truth or falsity of information has no impact on its value. The Value of information is determined by the amount of energy that is expended as a result. If a lie leads to war, and the truth is ignored, than the lie had a greater value, and vice versa. Think about it.

Information has no inherent integrity, and all of our institutions are facing a crisis of integrity. University research, government institutions, the press, the church, the military and the market place, are all in crisis, due to a lack of integrity. Distrust of all major institutions is at it highest since the surveying of this type of information began.

Speeding up the transformation is possible. The cabal is dependent on information and capital. Both of these can be disrupted by a concerted, though not necessarily organized effort from the bottom. Technology has empowered, and continues to empower more and more individuals. These individuals can flood the information market place with information. Since there is no inherent value to truth, the most effective information will be what works. If it is lies, so be it. Power can no longer be held by a consolidated by a few.

Potential examples:

The use of chain letters and spam to pass information to the masses concerning the illegal acts and sexual proclivities and immoral actions of the elite members of the cabal. If we have learned nothing else in recent years, we have learned that a lie told often enough, will be believed. The secret is to create the lies that will ultimately empower the people.

If millions of Americans can be taken by bogus scams from Nigeria or wherever, then they can be convinced to act on other bogus information. A 100 million spam letters saying in effect that Baby Bush has had an incestuous relationship with both his daughters, which is why both have acted out, will be believed if repeated often enough by diverse sources. Saying that Maurice Greenberg, the head of AIG, takes little boys out to the AIG private hunting lodge for sexual trysts - again if repeated often enough will be believed.

The other beauty of such a tactic is, that at some point mainstream media will be forced to deal with the bogus allegations, or become even more irrelevant. At some point the evil rumors will be news worthy (I know, bull shit term), they will have to 'give time' to the story. Consider it a mass campaign of 'urban legend' creation. And these will work.

The same can be done to financial institutions. Rumors cannot be controlled. How many companies have been hurt by false stories? There is no reason not to use these tactics to bring about change.

The caveat:

What will eventually arise. Assuming that the goal is in some sort of better society,at some point, a system of information integrity will have to rise. Some manner of providing information that people can believe in, will have to be established. It will probably occur through the complete loss of privacy. Privacy is a fairly new invention anyway, and only protects those that have something to hide. I believe the loss of all privacy is inevitable. The difficulty for Western society, primarily, will be coming to grips with that fact. But again, technology will make privacy impossible, even for those in power. Further, I believe this meme is already developing a huge currency.

Those that currently have a disproportionate share of power will unwillingly be forced to cede it. The difference is, that the cabal has the desire, and some power to slow the transition, and the people, at least those that are aware, have the desire, and in fact the power, to hasten the transition.

This is how my story starts. A call to 'arms'. Below is an incomplete explanation of what I am working toward, but I think the passage above, makes for more interesting reading, and a potential first few paragraphs for the story.

I have been working on this story for a couple of years, and I have some characters developed but it is a creation in progress. For those that would like to delve a little bit deeper into the research and thinking I've done, I would recommend browsing Rogue Analyst, and I will try to post bibliography there in the next few days, to provide the interested reader with a little greater insight.

Well, as many of you know, I have been trying to write some science fiction. One thing about writing SciFi is trying to stay ahead of the technology, but it is also trying to work through from the present to some point in the future. To do this, you have look around, and ask yourself what is the current situaltion, and what would logically take to achieve the end point of your vision. I think that's the only way to write GOOD SciFi. For me just to say, "well the revolution happened in '06, and now in 2020 this is the situation", without having a logical framework results in a poor story. The science may be good, but if you haven't thought throughout the mechanism of change, and what impact it would have on society, cultures, politics and the economy, your story will ring hollow with the reader.

So, my story requires a revolution to occur in the next few years, so that my characters can operate in a very different one from the one we experience today. It requires that I look at the tools available, the current conflicts, and try to see how one could 'realistically' succeed. To do so, it helps to use a proven successful format from which to start. For me, I go with the old stand-by, the OPERATIONS ORDER FORMAT.

It is a beautiful format indeed. I have used it for everything. I've used it for its intended purpose, to plans fro small unit actions, but I've also used it for writing business plans, structuring memos and decision/white papers, analyzing commercial operations, hell, it works for just about anything. The copy in front of me is dated 1980, but I think I have a even older copy stashed away somewhere else.

Anyway, it is divided into five main paragraphs, with the first paragraph being a detailed description of the current situation, starting with the enemy's and then proceeding to the friendly forces' situation. There are a fair amount of sub-paras for each of the main five main paragraphs, and it is sometimes difficult to fight the desire to blow off some of the sub-paras as not being relevant to what your trying to accomplish. But if you spend some time with these sub-paras, you can be amazed at what occurs to you.

For instance, I was going to blow past the first sub-paragraph, a) weather. I mean, I'm looking at a revolution, not a single engagement here. But had I done that, I wouldn't have spent the time considering how shifting global weather patterns might affect the enemy. But after thinking about it, I realized that it could have a very significant effect with regards to how many resources would have to allocated to dealing with increasing natural disasters, as just one example.

Well, the format is not a great way to present a blog piece however, but I did want you to know that my thinking on this is in a great measure trying to follow a proven, logical structural outline. On the otherhand, I am writing SciFi, and most always keep in mind the story I am writing, so for here, I will address the issues in a more literary method.

So, let's start with the enemy. In my story, the enemy is not the government; the government is just a tool used by the enemy when it deems it convenient. So the people don't revolt against the national governments, the revolt against an unseen, corporatist cabal, made up of a wealthy class of elites, who operate large out of sight. [Hey, secret conspiracies happening outside of the public eye, are traditional fare in good SciFi.]

So this cabal is made up of huge global corporations and banks. They operate for the sole purpose of accumulating money, and more importantly power, and they try to avoid the public eye as much as possible. In fact, they often introduce distractions into the public discourse as part of their method to avoid disclosure. Also, many of the lower agents involved, do not even realize that they are working for the cabal. Orders come down filtered, and appear as attempts to achieve something other than their true intended purpose. Sure, it's complicated, and I'm really too lazy to come up on my own with all of the relevant details, so just to make the story easier to progress, I'm going to use something like Rigorous Intuition: "The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11", amongst others, as the basis for the conspiracy that my protagonists are fighting.

Okay, so there is a decent enemy all described and laid out. All I have to do now, is figure out how the revolution gets started, who fights it, and how I can make it so they win.

Easy you say? Well, I'm not trying to rely that much on standard contrivances. I want something new, hopefully original, though as you see above, I'm not beyond plagiarism. But, I did kind want to have a fresh look for my revolution. I thought it about it for a while, and I came up with all sorts of ideas, but most of them seemed to lack the currency of the modern world's technology, or they short cutted too much of the conflict. So, like I said, I go back to my trusty OPERATIONS ORDER FORMAT, and think, okay. I've 'borrowed' the enemy situation, what is this enemy's weakness? Every enemy has a weakness. Well, sometimes it's good to look at the enemy's strengths, and see if you can turn them to your advantage.

Well, the enemy in this case, is a amorphous, vague, collection of evil, that subverts uses tools for 'good' to their own purpose. And they rely fairly heavily on secrecy, misinformation, disinformation, and even overt acts of subversion to pursue their agenda. But because of this, I'm thinking that one of their problems is of their own making. They have a hard time knowing exactly which sources of information they can rely on themselves. In this situation, it is not duplicity on the part of trusted agents so much, it's trusting the agents to have their own good sources of information. So, information - judging it's value and import is one of their weaknesses. Combined with the sheer volume of information. Here the problem is that the volume is information gathered, makes the sifting of the data a highly difficult task. So, I consider them vulnerable to their own method of dumping huge amounts of misinformation and disinformation into the system.

Another, largely self-imposed weakness, is their desire to remain secret, which results in trust problems. Many people just do not trust the 'tools' they rely on. In fact, the system they have put in place has led to a massive distrust of information.

The other area that I think is exploitable, is their reliance on the financial markets. [I know, none of this so far is new, I'm hoping that the combination and targeting method I have envisioned will be fresh]. They do currently have pretty much defacto control, especially on the large scale, but I think this too can be disrupted to the revolutionists advantage. They are capable of moving vast sums of money around, and directly affecting currency and capital markets. But, they also rely on those markets.

So, that sort of brief enemy situation. The friendly situation is perhaps not so complicated. It consists of a couple a hundred million idealistic individuals scattered across the globe. The rest of the population can be considered non-players in any active sense. They are blissfully unaware that a revolution is forming at the start of my story. In fact, many would be down right hostile to the idea, but most are just oblivious to both the ruling cabal, and the early beginnings of the coming revolution. They are however, the single most valuable commodity that both sides will be fighting over, for they more than money are the source of power. They just don't know it.

Regardless, the way I see the story playing out, is that the early revolutionists begin by increasing the amount of misinformation and disinformation. They do not organize to do this. In fact, no true organization ever truly develops. Certainly no hierarchy, or cohesive center forms, which would provide the enemy with a target for attack. Rather, it borrows what little structure it has form existing revolutionaries and guerrilla organizations, but doesn't develop a true leader or a firm cause, other than, let's say liberty. Instead, it will form as a very loose collection of individuals, and pre-existing organizations, many with diverse interests and goal, but united against the cabal. Sort of a collectivist revolution. It most be as amorphous as the cabal. It must begin as secretive as the cabal. It must limit its vulnerabilities throughout the revolution.

However, their will be conflict and casualties. Every good story must have conflict, and any good SciFi story that involves global conflict will have casualties on both sides. And, there will have to be sacrifices made, both voluntary and involuntary. You cannot fight a war without sacrifice regardless of what some might say.

So, the mission is to force the cabal out into the open, and to force the cabal, at a minimum, to share power. It may prove possible to destroy the cabal and it's members, but that might prove self-destructive. It may be better, just to force the members of the cabal into the light of transparency, and to, as I said, submit to a very large extent to the will of the people. That will be the goal in my story. Though eventually, the cabal will cease to be relevant, it won't happen right away.

The method, as I stated earlier, will be loose collective action. To start with, the revolutionaries will begin with an information war. They will start by generating massive amounts of misinformation using methodologies similar to what current spammers use. The distinction will be, that rather than trying to sell a product, the goal will be to force the cabal to invest resources everywhere, trying to discover whether any of the information is true or not. Billions and billions of emails sent daily, all possibly presenting real plans, but only a fraction contain any truth. The idea here is to simply level the information 'battlefield'. No side will have a monopoly on 'true' vs 'false' information.

The second phase, will be financial. The collectivists will begin to randomly boycott major corporations. It will be unpredictable. On quarter, no revolutionaries will by Coca-Cola, and perhaps the next quarter none will buy Pepsi. It doesn't matter that the revolutionists are relatively small in number, 200 million people avoiding a product will have a financial impact. Simultaneously the revolutionists could boycott, say all Boeing built aircraft. This would drive airlines crazy, as they would than have planes over flowing in capacity, and other operating at below capacity. And for instance, for two months, all revolutionists will avoid driving petroleum based vehicles, and otherwise reduce their demand for fuel, causing system to be forced to store fuel, and disrupting the market, only to turn around and waste fuel for a month to deplete the supply and cause scarcity.

It won't necessarily start on that scale. It could start by staying lower priced products, but the idea would be for these boycotts to appear as randomly as possible. And communicating which, what and when to boycott will be challenging, but I am envisioning it happening via collective communication through forums and blogs. Once a critical capacity of agreement is reached, the boycott starts, and stops the same way. Someone makes a suggestion, depending how many people pick up on that suggestion and spread to their friends and other forums, until it just occurs. Ideally, some of the revolutionists will be able to take advantage of the mass market manipulation by anticipating which companies will be affected, and sell some short and invest in their competitors as appropriate. Yes, eventually the cabal would catch on, but I not sure how they could prevent it. If they tried to use misinformation to get the revolutionaries to boycott a different product or company, the result would still be market disruption. If they were to try to sell the targeted companies short them selves, it would just worsen the damage to those companies. The end result, in my story, is that financial markets begin to lose capital value, and normal citizens begin to scream to their political representatives/leaders for change. And, if enough citizens begin screaming, the cabal could well lose their control over the government.

the game is afoot.

Anyway, "The 20/20 Manifesto" is a working chapter title. I'm also considring "The Memetic War", but I kind of like the sound of "The 20/20 Manifesto".

I know, this post is full of contrivances within contrivances, but I think you understand.

Lastly, I know this posting is in desperate need of editing, and as soon as the Wife has time, I'm sure you'll see a huge improvement in the quality of the post.

Thought I'd something more to say.

  Unraveling the Big Debate over Small Machines

Okay, last Science Monday post, I think. But at least I did get to it on Monday this week. All of the post so far today came via KurzweilAI.net Newsletter.

This one, I will not comment much on, but to say it is an excellent presentaion on where the debate is concerning the probability of achieving 'large scale' nano-manufacturing. If you are following the science and the debate, this is worth your time.
Betterhumans >"Unraveling the Big Debate over Small Machines:
Nanobot naysayers argue that molecular manufacturing is impossible, but the evidence goes against them", By Patrick Bailey. 
  Working small and with out temperature news@nature.com�-�Nanotubes may have no 'temperature'":
"Physicists have made a bizarre discovery: the concept of temperature is meaningless in some tiny objects. Although the concept of temperature is known to break down on the scale of individual atoms, research now suggests that it may also fail to apply in rather larger entities, such as carbon nanotubes.

The blossoming field of nanotechnology relies on being able to manipulate materials that are made from just a few thousand atoms. Carbon nanotubes, for example, are tiny cylinders that could be used to make miniature electronic devices.

Ortwin Hess from the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK and colleagues say that if you took the temperature at one end of a 10-micrometre nanotube, it would not necessarily have the same temperature as the other end, no matter how long it was left to reach a thermal equilibrium. Such a nanotube is about as long as a sheet of paper is thick.

'If you're down to a scale where temperature is not relevant, the fluctuations in physical properties of that system could be unpredictable, and that is potentially bad for any device,' says Peter Atkins, a physical chemist at University of Oxford, UK."
What does it mean?
"At this size limit, hot spots can sit next to cooler spots, without any energy flowing between the two. Moreover, the temperature of one compartment may fluctuate unpredictably over time. "It all boils down to the quantum uncertainty principle," says Hess."
Well, it may play hell with knowing how things will behave when we start constructing quantum computers and the like.
  Developing Geordi's visor

Surely you are familiar with Geordi La Forge's Visor, right?

Well here it comes, Technology Review, "Artificial Retina""
In the mid-1980s, neuroophthalmologist Joseph Rizzo III was researching retinal transplants to restore blind people’s vision. One day, removing a lab animal’s retina, a tissue-thin membrane that lines the back of the eyeball’s interior, he had an epiphany. “The moment I made the cut, I said to myself, ‘What in the hell are you doing?’” Rizzo recounts. He realized he was cutting nerve connections that are actually spared in many forms of blindness. The retina’s light-sensing cells die off in retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration, which affect millions worldwide; but the nearby neurons that ferry the signals from those cells to the brain remain intact. So Rizzo conceived of a retinal prosthesis—an implant that would take a wireless signal from a video camera, bypass the light receptors, and stimulate the healthy nerve cells directly to feed the image to the brain. Rizzo, working at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Boston VA Medical Center, teamed up with MIT electrical engineer John Wyatt Jr. to pursue the scheme. In 1988, they launched the Boston Retinal Implant Project, which today comprises 27 researchers at eight institutions. The team has already done short-term human tests and hopes to test a permanent prosthesis by 2006. Wyatt and Rizzo recently gave TR contributing editor Erika Jonietz a peek at their progress.
Twon't be long, and in the future the question will be, how much genetic enhancement vs cybernetic enhancments? Hell, vs drug enhancements?

Come to think of it, any thoughts on what will mark the line between homo sapians and homo cyber-sapian or super-sapian or whatever? 
  Teleporting through shit

BBC NEWS, "Teleportation goes long distance":
When physicists say "teleportation", they are describing the transfer of key properties from one particle to another without a physical link.
Yeah, I still think of 'teleportation' as de-materializing matter, and re-materializing it elsewhere, but...Anyway
Researchers from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Science used an 800m-long optical fibre fed through a public sewer system tunnel to connect labs on opposite sides of the River Danube.

The link establishes a channel between the labs, dubbed Alice and Bob. This enables the properties, or "quantum states", of light particles to be transferred between the sender (Alice) and the receiver (Bob).

In the computers of tomorrow, this information would form the qubits (the quantum form of the digital bits 1 and 0) of data processing through the machines.

The Austrian team encoded their qubits using a property of light particles, also called photons, known as polarisation. This property describes the direction in which they oscillate.

Quantum teleportation relies on an aspect of physics known as "entanglement"; whereby the properties of two particles can be tied together even when they are far apart. Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance".
This seems to me to be an expensive way to achieve what I believe humans are capable of doing with out fancy equipment, but we don't seem to be happy unless we build expensive toys.
The researchers were able to teleport three distinct polarisation states between Alice and Bob via the fibre-optic cable through the tunnel.

The significance of this research was that it took place under "real world" conditions.
Found via KurzweilAI.net Newsletter. 
  Are you defined by your vocabulary?

Via KurzweilAI.net Newsletter comes this interesting link, NewScientist.com, "Language may shape human thought"
Hunter-gatherers from the Pirahã tribe, whose language only contains words for the numbers one and two, were unable to reliably tell the difference between four objects placed in a row and five in the same configuration, revealed the study.

Experts agree that the startling result provides the strongest support yet for the controversial hypothesis that the language available to humans defines our thoughts. So-called “linguistic determinism” was first proposed in 1950 but has been hotly debated ever since.

“It is a very surprising and very important result,” says Lisa Feigenson, a developmental psychologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, US, who has tested babies’ abilities to distinguish between different numerical quantities. “Whether language actually allows you to have new thoughts is a very controversial issue.”

Peter Gordon, the psychologist at Columbia University in New York City who carried out the experiment, does not claim that his finding holds for all kinds of thought. “There are certainly things that we can think about that we cannot talk about. But for numbers I have shown that a limitation in language affects cognition,” he says.
Hell, I've never heard of “linguistic determinism”, but I know it's true. As a child gowing up learning one language at home, and another outside the home, this concept was apparent to me.

It usually showed up when I couldn't take an obvious concept in German and adequately translate the idea into English. Some concepts, for instance I remember trying to explain 'degrees' of fatalism, just didn't work. Humor, which often revolves around the multiple meanings of a single word or phrase, obviously just dies when it has to be explained, but it was often the concept itself, the humor in 'fate', that my English speaking friends just didn't get.

And I know some of my foreign born friends have had the same frustration in commuicating ideas to me that seem perfectly natural to them.

I do believe in the end, some of these concepts can be learned. I just think it takes a novel or a movie, something where the reader becomes emotionally and intellectually involved in the story, that the idea may be absorbed.

On the other hand, sometimes it is a case of, "You just had to be there." 
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