Radically Inept
Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Just some quick thoughts, as I am once again heading out the door in a few minutes. so, don't expect anything in the way of well thought out, pithy writing.

I haven't felt like this since Reagan was re-elected. That was my thought when I heard Kerry was on his way to make his concession speech.

Then, I thought about what Kerry would say. I won't bother to listen. He'll say it was a good, hard campaign, and the American people should accept the results. The democratic process worked, and the people have decided.

It's a load of crap of course. The people aren't smart enough to decide anything beyound what program they are going to watch on TV tonight. Nor do they want that level of responsibility. That's really what won it for Baby Bush - not only was he not taking responsibility for anything that occurred in his first four years, NO ONE was held responsible for anything.

What really drives me nuts, is my imagination. Consider the year 2023. Baby Bush dies of whatever - I know, a joyful day for me, but I will have to listen to the eulogizing. I will have to hear what a great president he was. How he did something. How he accomplished something. And it won't have anything to do with what he actually did, which by enlarge is nothing. He just sits back and let's the corporations loot our country, and our country will want to replace Washington's face on the one dollar bill, or at least Grant's face on the twenty with Baby Bush'. Hell, maybe all of our currencly will have his face on it. And, I'll have to hear about it.

The next four years will be interesting though. The repubs have now got a serious majority in both houses. Baby Bush will be able to stack the supreme court with, well they won't be morons, well some of them might be, but they will more likely be, I don't know, evil? Greedy, scum sucking...The worst our law schools put out? Fundamentalists, who will think civil rights, hell, all of our rights, were put into the constitution and the law by mistake? That the wealthy truly do have a right to expect a different degree of justice than the poor? I don't know.

The Chinese have a curse to the affect of "May you live in interesting times". We do and are. It will most certainly be interesting. Mayhaps, the most interesting thing will be to see how the republican party starts to splinter. How some will try to distance themselves from Baby Bush. How some might actually develop a conscience, and vote for the good of their constituents.

Having it all, doesn't necessarily mean you have it all. Now will come the infighting. The dirtiest of fights. Reminiscent of the dems' problems when they held all of the branches. I mean, short of a real putsch, I don't expect the party leadership to get the membership to toe the party line. They have acheived power; now they'll fight over it.

What will the dems do? Well, hopefully, whither away and die on the vine; making room for a party that actually tries to represent the majority of Americans' interests. In reality, suspect nothing of the sort.

ALL HAIL ! Swear alligence to EXXON, GM, Proctor-Gamble, AIG, ADM (SuperMarket to the world), or perhaps the rise of a new superbrand(!) - THE AMERICAN HOMELAND COMPANY.

Geez. I really hate being stuck with an imagination. I should go back to the basement and watch the latest installment of the World Series of Poker, or something. I should immerse myself in mindless drivel. I should quit fighting it, and just accept the ugly facts. I should just sit back, find some distraction, as my country is stolen from beneath my feet, while my fellow citizens, blissfully wrapped in their culture of myths, rar approvingly.

Or, maybe I should just accept the new world order, and figure out how to steal as much as I can. Maybe like TIME.com: Marc Rich, if I steal enough, I too will earn a presidential pardon. Maybe that's the solution - Acceptance, followed by a whole lot of wallowing in greed. I think I can do it. Must think positive. I know I can do it. I CAN DO IT! I CAN STEAL FROM MY NEIGHBORS AND FEEL REALLY GOOD ABOUT IT. I CAN DO IT!!!!

  Election results - sort of...

This began as a reply to Ben's, of commonSci, comment to the post below.
Well, Ben, you'll be happy to know I didn't vote for a yellow dog, but you'll be disappointed in how I did vote. As I said above, I wasn't going to vote for Kerry and I didn't. I think Kerry and Bush are two sides of the same corporatist coin. I've never liked Bush, but it took me a while to realize I didn't want Kerry as my president either.

I know you fall into the 'anybody but Bush' camp. I'm not. Four more years of Bush will suck, and suck hard; hopefully hard enough for the democrats to put a candidate on the ballet that is worth a shit. Though they probably won't.

Personally, I would like to see the Electoral College system abolished, so that everyone's vote would count, but this year it appears that the majority of the people in this country voted for Bush. So, the anti-intellectual, anti-thinking, bible thumpers have re-instated the candidate of their choice - barring the all of the remaining states going to Kerry - in which case the popular vote will be put aside, and Kerry appointed to the throne in spite of the clear will of the ignorant masses.

It is indeed a sad world we live in.
I just heard a comment on one of the 'news' channels, that the people appeared to put aside their feelings on any individual issues (health, war, environment, economy, common sense) and voted on the basis of 'values'. I find that pretty ironic. The fact that the majority of the people in this country think that Baby Bush and the republicans share their 'values' is a joke. The republicans care about power and corporate profits. That is all. But they speak in 'value' laden language. They speak in terms of myths, and apparently the people of this country prefer myths to truth.

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time, knows I spend a lot of time trying to discern the 'value' of information. Apparently, along with the information values I've addressed (aesthetics, entertainment) I must add myths, though I have said before, that when it comes to valuation of information, a lie may be just or more valuable than the truth, I hadn't actually considered myths. Myths may or may not be lies, but they are a form of false information.

I will dwell on the power of myth, and address it in some detail in a future post. I think it deserves a little research and thought, and not a quick rant.

Regardless, it now appears that we may well have four more years of the most corrupt administration of my lifetime I suspect the democrats will try to figure out what went 'wrong'. I have a simple answer, they never really provided a choice - unless you consider a Bud vs Bud lite campaign as really representing a choice. The democrats seemed to rely on the we are not Bush, hence vote for us. But they never offered anything like a clear alternative. It was mostly just a mediation of the current system, and not a real advocacy that stood for anything. Kerry would have been (will be) business as usual without the stridency, but it won't be a real change.

I believe real change will only happen when we do something about the power of corporations. Until that is done...Until what happens in our country is not based on the profit potential of a few, we will not only not see 'positive' change, we will be raped over and over again, in the name of 'capitalism', which let me add, we haven't had true capitalism in this country for probably somewhere approaching a 100 years. And, true capitalism only works for those who have the where-with-all to accumulate capital. It is a truly Darwinistic system. But people seem to believe in it. They don't understand it, but they have been told repeatedly that it is GOOD; it is AMERICAN and it is associated with god. I've never understood the latter association, but somehow, the people of this country believe that wealth and godliness are closely related.

Anyway, off to do more errands. 
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
  Election day, and I am still amongst the undecided

I'm on my way to run a few errands, and to vote. I still haven't decided who to vote for, but it won't be Kerry. I don't think I'll wind up voting for Bush, and I know I won't vote for Nader. I doubt I'll vote libertarian. So, I think I will wind up asking to do a write in candidate, which in my county, just plain doesn't get counted.

So, to many people this will be considered as throwing my vote away. Maybe. But I can't bring myself to vote for yet another rich, white, male Skull and Bones member. Why should I vote for an individual who has participated in a rite in which they have sworn allegiance to a secret society above all other allegiances?

No, I think I will do a write in ballot, and I think I might as well vote for...I still haven't decided. Kucinich? Mosley Braun? Sharpton? Someone who hasn't even ever put their name in the ring? I don't know.

I will not be voting for Kerry, but then, it doesn't really matter anyway. With the The Electoral College system, my vote won't count anyway. Georgia, a state suffering from extreme ignorance, poor education and a ridiculously high level of religiosity (oh, I already said ignorant), will go for Bush, and so will all of the electoral votes.

See. The system has already disenfrachised my vote. Intentionally. The founding fathers didn't want the masses having a true say. They feared the masses would vote the 'wrong' way, so they set up a system where they - the rich, white, land owners - could ultimately decide who the president would be. And it's worked pretty damn well for them. It's like Bill Hicks asked (you may find the audio or video here), 'Do you want to vote for the red hand puppet or the blue hand puppet?'

So. Since my vote won't count anyway, I might as well vote for a Yellow Dog. It's not like I think the democratic party is very democratic anymore. In fact, I think they've sold out to the same big corporate money, so they aren't really a choice.

Anyway, I'm no closer to a decision for writing this, so I might as well go to the polls. I'll make a decision under pressure. Maybe I'll just write in Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a deadman will make a better president than the people who are running. Who would a deadman appoint to the Supreme Court?

Must quit procrastinating. Must go vote. Must go. Just hit post and go. Go

Monday, November 01, 2004
  So many Alternative Energy Sources, so few used

An excellent little summary of various alternative energy sources, one of them over 100 years old, in Tom Valone Reviews a Myriad of Alternative Energy Technologies. I was particulary caught by the 'nuclear alternatives', including producing energy during the process of remediating nuclear waste.

Tom Valone, President of Integrity Research Institute (IRI), speaking at the New Energy Movement conference was a powerhouse of knowledge and facts and gave a thorough overview of where we are currently at with energy needs and where we could go in the future to meet those needs.

His first blockbuster fact caught the audience’s attention immediately; 85% of energy today comes from the combustion of dead fossils, forcing the world’s atmosphere to overheat. We are likely seeing the results of global warming in our weather such as the four hurricanes in Florida.

Valone commented that Hubbard’s Peak – the peak of oil production – is right on the projected mark for the US. Most alarming is that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at three hundred parts per million (ppm), the highest it has been in 400,000 years and may reach six hundred ppm by 2050.

Further evidence of global warming are the liquid lakes at the North Pole. The ice cap is rapidly disappearing, which effects the reflected solar radiation, causing other global weather changes. Valone warned ominously that a sixth to eighty percent reduction in carbon emissions is required to stop global warming.

The most frustrating fact of all, he stated, was that two thirds of all the electricity produced in the US is wasted.

IRI is researching the following energy solutions:
• atmospheric electricity
• nuclear
• quantum vacuum zero point
• space propulsion energy
• magnetic motors
For more (it's short, and some of the ideas may make it worth digging into the current research alittle further): Tom Valone Reviews a Myriad of Alternative Energy Technologies

Oh, and a somewhat related article, ZPEnergy.com - AN ENERGY LEGACY PLAN:
"It is also reasonable that a means to obtain large affordable amounts of renewable energy should be helpful to society in all energy related problem areas. However, a means to achieve renewable energy development at a sufficient rate has been somewhat elusive. It is the intent here to help solve that problem, and to eventually fund energy conservation measures that ultimately will be necessary to sustain our civilization. This is the intended legacy, a permanently self-funded trust for renewable energy development and conservation.


A plan is proposed here, which, compared to the problematic issues addressed, is very simple indeed. The following plan, in 9 parts, is hoped to result in a significant and permanent reduction in energy problems."
The plan maybe simple, but the article goes into some depth, see ZPEnergy.com - AN ENERGY LEGACY PLAN
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